Decorating Living Room with Wall Murals

Art & Photo Prints Decorating Living Room with Wall Murals

Nowadays, wall murals are gaining more and more popularity in terms of living room decoration. However, wall murals have been around for a long time. Grandparents have probably used them as well. Just take a look at eh old-school pictures from 40’s and 60’s. But the older generations were not provided with a large selection of themes for wall murals: as a rule there were mostly pictures of nature.

Wall Mural Themes

At the moment there is no problem with finding wall mural of any pattern for living room design. Difficulty arises when you have to choose: diversity causes confusion. A hasty decision can lead to a poorly designed interior. This will be a serious blunder, because the living room is the center of the house where all family members and guests spend their time.


This is a familiar type of wall murals, and in recent years, it underwent a rebirth. Now you can find quite original options with forest views and seascapes. A theme like that in the living room will help to add freshness, lightness, recalling the warm sea breeze. It is vital to choose a landscape taking into account the opinions of all family members. The main condition - the image should cause only positive emotions for all who will be in the room.


flowers wall mural for living room decor |

Another classic option for wall murals is the images of flowers. Especially impressive are the buds, shot by macro. Choice of the flowers in the picture also needs to be based on the preferences of the family and the design of the room as a whole. A picture with fluffy dandelion heads is unlikely to be a good for a classic interior, but in a room decorated in a modern minimalist style, it would be quite appropriate.


One can often see wall murals imitating the continuation of the room, depicting various interior items: a fireplace, armchair, indoor plants, bookshelves. Such themes help to visually expand the space, add comfort and warmth to it with insignificant financial expenses. If you chose this option, you should compare the real interior of the room with the picture, so that there is no dissonance or impression of randomly chosen interior items.

Cities and Countries

cityscape urban wall mural for living room decor |

Beautiful wall murals depicting urban views, skyscrapers, modern buildings are appropriate in loft, hi-tech and minimalism styles of the interior. This type of pattern is quite popular lately. Most often, it is chosen by young people to create the effect of a panoramic window overlooking the urban landscape. If you have a classic design of the room, photos of old streets and houses that imitate exit from the room into an open space will do just fine.


Another type of modern wall murals can resemble ordinary wallpaper. The best background for such a pattern will be plain walls, furniture, repeating the shades of the elements of the pattern. With the help of various ornaments, you can give the room any mood, enhance any accent or maintain the chosen style of the room. Floral patterns will give comfort, and imitation of brickwork will create a feeling of a loft, converted into a living room.

Custom Order

personalized custom wall mural |

Modern technologies allow anyone to feel like a designer: you can order a print wall murals with any selected image. The main condition is that the original must be of good quality so that you don't get a blurry picture due to magnification. Pictures from family travels, portraits of family members or pets, any other photos from the home archive are suitable for the living room. An excellent idea is to print children's drawings or the results of family creativity.

Where to Install Wall Murals

In addition to choosing the right theme, many people wonder where the wall mural should be installed on so that it looks good and fully fulfills the function that is assigned to it. The interior of the living room with wall mural in the apartment fully depends on its location.

It is best to choose a wall that will be completely free of furniture, paintings and other furnishings. This will allow you to present cityscapes, nature or ornament wall murals in all their glory. However, you can still place, for example, a chair and a coffee table against a wall with an image of striking cityscape.

While choosing a suitable place in the room, you should be guided by the following rule: the larger the size of the canvas itself and the drawing, the greater the distance you should look at it from. Wall murals in the interior of the living room are usually chosen as a mean of creating a color accent in the room. In order for them to successfully stand out, it is important to choose a suitable background. If wall murals occupy a single wall completely, the other three should be arranged in one color. In this case, you can choose any material for decoration - regular wallpaper, paint or plaster.

The color of the background should not compete in brightness and saturation with the wall mural, but only successfully emphasize it. The best choice would be pastel colors, repeating the color palette of the mural elements. However, you can try and create a contrast - for example, to choose white color for the remaining walls if you are using the image of the city at night.

With the help of small wall murals with images of natural or urban landscape, you can create the illusion of another window in the living room, by choosing a picture in the likeness of window frames. Near such an improvised window, you can arrange a seating area with upholstered furniture or a dining table, if the living room also bears the function of a dining room.

Currently, wall murals are made of various materials, from plain paper to fabric and the thinnest sheets of metal. So you can find suitable options for every taste and budget. Wall murals in the interior of the living room can help to revive any room. This is a great solution if there is no money or time for a full renovation. It is enough to choose a beautiful picture, and the living room will become the true gem of your home or apartment.