Decorating Living Room with Famous Masterpieces on a Budget

Art & Photo Prints Decorating Living Room with Famous Masterpieces on a Budget

Wall want to live in a comfortable and beautiful house, however not many of us possess the means of decorating our home according to our preferences. Although many of us love art and have favorite artist, prices on their original works are extremely high. Sadly, only few can enjoy the beauty of original masterpieces. However, for the rest of, mere mortals, there is still a chance to enjoy the enchanting beauty of eminent artists’ masterpieces. Below if a brief overview of ways to decorate your living room if you are on a tight budget.

Most Popular Art Prints of Famous Masterpieces

Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”

van gogh starry night art print |

Among the most popular and famous painting in the world, Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” takes one of the top positions. Painted in 1889, “Starry Night” depicts a view from Van Gogh’s rom in the asylum at night, although he painted it by memory during the day. Pastel colors of the painting and its beautiful composition make it a perfect room décor for any living room or bedroom.  

Gustav Klimt “The Kiss”

klimt the kss art print |

Gustav Klimt painted his most popular work “The Kiss” in 1907. Loved by many, this work of art has become a symbol of love and devotion. This painting is a depiction of two lovers embracing each other. Usage of golden paint in this makes it uniquely beautiful and extraordinary. Art print of “The Kiss” will become a splendid decoration for any living room, especially for ones, accomplished in olive, beige or light brown colors.

Leonardo da Vinci “Mona Lisa”

The most expensive and well-known painting in the world, “Mona Lisa” and her mysterious smile will look gorgeous in a living room, decorated in classic style with wooden furniture and heavy curtains with tassels. Framed art print of this exceptionally beautiful painting will look just like the original.

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