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Our century is considered digital, as appliances have become a major part of household goods. Therefore, man-made things that create coziness become especially valuable. There is nothing more important than details emphasizing the individuality and completeness of the design. These finishing touches are well-designed custom photographs.

Appearing in the 19th century, photography firmly took its place in the house of every person. Now it’s hard for us to imagine a modern interior without at least one photo card standing on a shelf or hanging on the wall.

Decorating walls with photographs is a trend in European design. This design looks spectacular only if it is individual. It is worth remembering several rules for hanging custom photos that will save you from stylistic mistakes, but otherwise rely on your taste and imagination.

However, keep in mind that the photo in the interior is not just a decoration, but one of the components that make the space of a room filled with energy, peace or romance.

Therefore, each room requires compliance with its own rules for the placement and design of photographs. It is necessary to consider the size and purpose of the room, as well as the style of its interior.

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Living room

This room is not only the center of the entire apartment, but also a place where homeowners gather during their holidays, chat with friends or watch TV together. Historically, the interior decoration of the living room always had a certain style (classicism, baroque, rococo, neo-Renaissance).

Classics lovers in the modern world will love the classic-style living room. It combines cozy armchairs, carpets, blackout curtains on the windows. Photos framed in natural wood are ideal for these living rooms. The color of the wood should match the overall color of the classic interior. Pictures of flowers, still lifes and landscapes you took will fit well into such an interior.

A good place to hang photos is the wall above the fireplace. In this case, you can use one large-format photograph or create a harmonious composition of several small-sized photographs.

More functional and dynamic is the hi-tech style. This style is suitable for photographs decorated in a metal baguette, which enhances the strength of the structure and reduces the likelihood of its deformation.

Art Nouveau style is characterized by irrationality, natural orientation and romantic mood. In such a living room, photographs with floral motifs, fancy soft lines that resonate with the color scheme of the interior will be most appropriate.

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When it comes to a modern bedroom, the ideas of designers are infinite. However, there is nothing more personal and intimate in a house than a bedroom.

Photos in the interior of the bedroom play an important role because they express the individuality of the owners, create the atmosphere of the necessary comfort and coziness.

The arrangement of photographs in the bedroom’s interior is diverse: a family portrait may hang over the bed if it is a married couple, or photographs calm in the plot, emphasizing the general direction of the design.

Black and white photographs will be appropriate in the interiors of Japanese-style bedrooms or in bedrooms with a limited strict color scheme.

The design of the Provence-style bedroom reminds us of a room from childhood, where all the dearest to the heart is assembled. Delicate fabrics, artificially aged furniture and photographs to match the soulful mood of the room.

The bedroom is the appropriate place for nude photos. They emphasize the intimacy of the room, create a relaxed atmosphere.

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In most city apartments, kitchen is combined with the dining room, so it is preferable to place photos in the interior of this room in the dining room area. The content and color gamut of the photo does not matter, but most often it is a simple storyline that creates positive emotions and bright colors that increase appetite. If there is excessive illumination in the dining room, anti-glare glass is recommended for photographs.


Bathroom is an oasis of privacy. Ethnic motifs and flower images in photographs will create a feeling of comfort. Custom photos in a small bathroom will help expand the space. It should only be noted that in this room you cannot use wooden frames. Optimal will be the use of plastic frames, which are also cheaper in cost.

If the house has a dining room, then large-format photographs will look great on an unobstructed wall, they can be hanged without a frame.

In the living rooms, spacious rooms of country houses, it is recommended to post medium-sized photographs. An interesting solution would be to place a large format photograph in a room with a small area but adequate lighting. This detail will add meaningfulness to a room not loaded with interior items (guest room, bedroom, and hall).

Currently, more and more often you can see interiors in which photographs do not hang on the wall, but are placed on the floor or on the shelf, which also has a place to be, because they are very convenient to rearrange.

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Common Rules of Successful Photo Placement

1. The idea is the main thing

In order for photos to look good together, you need to select pictures combined by one common idea. It can be a theme, shape, color shades. The main thing is to remember that the chosen principle and style should correspond to the purpose of the room, colors and mood.

2. Dynamics and creativity are the key to success

Feel free to choose and post several photos of various formats on one wall, following simple rules.

A collage of several photographs of various formats should form the correct geometric shape. For example, a square or rectangle.

When placing photographs of various formats “in one line,” the alignment should be on the top or bottom edge, but not in the middle.

If you are building a diagonal from several works of photography, then it must certainly be upward. Downward dynamics in the house you do not need.

custom photos in living room decor |

3. Observe the principle of monochrome

Black and white shots never go out of style. They focus on the image, forcing the viewer to closely examine the picture. However, before you go into all seriousness and start decorating the interior with only monochrome photographs, you need to remember that the black color is different: there are more than 72 shades in its palette.

4. Frame the pictures correctly

It is stylistically correct to combine a photo with a wallpaper pattern, and not with the basic tone of the frame. At the same time, if there is a bright and large pattern on the walls, then photographs will be completely inappropriate as another decoration.

5. Look for original pictures

In addition to your own photos, which will certainly create a cozy atmosphere in the house, you can use fashionable and collectible images of professional authors in the design. If the quality and quantity of photos from a family album seems insufficient to you, then you should turn to the rich assortment of modern photo galleries.