Commercial Benefits of Wall Murals

Wall murals Commercial Benefits of Wall Murals

Wall murals are an excellent way of giving your space décor a fresh, modern and stylish outlook without wasting a fortune on it. Creative and unusual wall mural can add personality to your business, make more attractive to people, capture the attention of potential clients and impress possible business partners. Due to the option of customization and personalization, you can make any image you want a stunning wall mural, tailored uniquely for your line of business. Multitude of qualitative materials, original ideas and impeccable colors make every mural outstandingly gorgeous and unique. In addition to that, wall murals are scalable and can come in any size that you wish, making it extremely easy to choose a great background for your business space.

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Commercial Advantages of Wall Murals


Wall Murals can be placed anywhere, every space, no matter how small or big can greatly benefit from an aptly created wall mural. Apart from that, one can create wall murals that will suit any type of business, offices, gyms, hotels, cafe, restaurants – you name it, in each and every place a wall mural will attract attention of potential customers and business partners. Moreover, possibility of customization allows you to create a wall mural of any size and texture, opening a wide row of possibilities for advertising.


Promotion of Business Identity and Brand

If you’re looking for an excellent way to promote your business, wall murals will definitely help you with that. People will more likely go to the modern-looking, stylish gym that to the place with plain walls. We all want to see exiting and beautiful photos or images, aptly selected wall mural will become a true gem of your business space, capable of increasing the reachability of your business. People will remember and even take a photo of the original and stunning wall mural with your logo or brand on it and share in social media, which will increase the amount of potential clients, interested in the products or services that you offer.

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Emotional Appeal

It’s well-known fact that our emotions are influenced by colors that we see. With the help of wall-murals you can exploit this fact, turning the colors of your brand to your advantage. For example, an IT company will greatly benefit from beautiful blue and grey color palette, while a café owner will see more customers if he uses wall mural in beige and brown color palette, for example, images of beautiful cup а coffee or pastry. It’s very important to understand which emotions you want you potential customers to associate with your business. For example, green color, which is universally considered to be a calming one, will be great for a spa, because people will be associating your business with tranquility and relaxation.

Boosting Employees Morale

Wall Murals can be used not only to attract customers; they can also be perfect for creation of joyful and pleasant atmosphere in your office. Plain grey walls are unable to provide a happy ambiance, which is why your employees may feel depressed or bored. However, wall murals can create a happy atmosphere in your office, especially if you choose wall murals with beautiful nature landscapes that make people calm and happy. Even if your line of business is technology, an aptly and witty wall mural will be able to raise the employees’ morale and contribute to team building.

Ease of Use and Modest Price

As oppose to paint on the walls or stucco that take a lot of preparations and many hours of application (not to mention the drying period), wall murals can be applied in a couple of hours and the results will be much more beautiful than those, achieved with the help of paint. Apart from that, the price of wall murals is also very modest, which allows you to place with different sizes and materials.

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Types of Materials for Wall Murals

Modern technologies allow printing companies to use eco-friendly materials for printing of the wall murals. Among the most popular types are:

Sand – a smooth and pleasant to touch material that suits greatly every types of images. It’s ideal for those wall murals that have portraits or photos of people, as they will not look distorted. It has subtle texture and can be cleaned with wet cloth.

Canvas – a sturdy material, imitating cloth canvas. Canvas is also pleasant to touch and looks absolutely gorgeous in the interior. It is ideal for printing of wall murals for cafes and restaurant, especially if you want your wall mural to look like they are printed on canvas.

Stucco – this material is perfect for commercial applications. It has slightly more defined texture than that of sand or canvas and looks stunning, especially if your office space has stucco walls. Thus, wall mural will match the texture of the rest of your space and create an atmosphere of harmony.

Fresco – a noble material, ideally suitable for wall murals of paintings. Fresco has a well-pronounced texture and can be cleaned with wet cloth. This type of material will look especially gorgeous in the interiors with wooden finish.

Bottom line:

Wall Murals are an outstanding way of attracting customers and business partners, promoting your business and boosting the morale of your employees. They are scalable, easy in application and will not cost a fortune. Possibility of personalization allows you to create a wall mural that is capable of reflecting the essence of your business. It’s a perfect solution for making your business space modern and stylish, while simultaneously attracting new clients.

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