12 Tips for Creating a Festive Christmas Living Room Décor

Art & Photo Prints 12 Tips for Creating a Festive Christmas Living Room Décor

December is all about the preparations and expectations of Christmas and New Year. It is worth to prepare in advance, both presents and the house you are planning to spend the winter holidays in. There is no denying that Christmas is a particular holiday, symbolizing hope, unity, joy of family gatherings and children’s laugh. Decoration of the Christmas tree and the house is among the favorite family pastimes before the main event. Below we are offering you 12 ideas for inspiration, so that you can create the Christmas decor of your dreams!

12. Christmas Star

The star is an indispensable element of the Christmas home decor in European countries. This decoration is very symbolic: in the Old Testament it is described that it was the Bethlehem star who informed the magi about the birth of the baby Jesus. You can buy a star in a store or make it yourself from cardboard or any other dense material. Decorate it easily with paints, sparkles, foil and even LED strip or small LED bulbs. Various Christmas star festive decor ideas can be found on the Internet. This decoration will serve as an excellent way to create a festive Christmas atmosphere in the house.

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11. Candles

Many people light candles on holidays, and this is not surprising, because this ancient tradition is not only beautiful, but also carries a deep sacred meaning. Perhaps the main advantage of candles for the home is that they do not need any additional decor. However, if you still want to give them a festive look, try creating a composition according to the type of potpourri or decorate the candles themselves with your own hands. To do this, ribbons, spangles, cloves or cinnamon sticks are suitable. Here your imagination is unlimited, and you can develop ideas yourself.

10. Christmas Color Palette

It is worth to update your living room colors to traditional Christmas and New Year’s ones. Depending on the predominant basic nuances, you can pick for yourself one of the most popular customary arrangements: white & red, green & red, silver and white with blue. Alternatively, you can use various shades of the same basic color palette.  

When you make up your mind about the color palette, it is worth to follow your color code to the smallest details. This means that all the items in the living room must carry the same shades, including candles, textiles, toys, and other items used in the hose décor.

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9. Decor Inspired by Nature

If you are a fan of eco-things, you can create a décor from the gifts of nature. For example, use branches, pine cones, fruits and dry leaves and roots as items of Christmas tree décor as well as table centerpiece decor. If you want them to look more festive, use silver, golden or iridescent paint, which will make them festive and sparkly.

 8. The Christmas Tree

No Christmas and New Year fest is going to be complete without a beautiful Christmas tree. Nevertheless, if your living room is rather small and doesn’t allow a full-sized tree, use a small artificial ones, or create one on your wall, using garlands and Christmas tree décor. Wall panels look original and modern, take no space in the apartment and look festive enough to be admired by your guests.

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7. Garlands and Decorative Bands

Decorative bands as well as ribbons are a perfect way of adding the colors you need to the general décor of your room. You can use them as napkin decor, curtain supporters as means of decorating the Christmas tree. The most important thing while choosing the ribbons and decorative bands is to color-coordinate them with the main color palette of your Christmas decor.  

6. Pillows and Textile

Nothing can bring more festive atmosphere to your couches and armchairs than sequin pillows and textiles. You can create them yourself or buy them in a store. They will attract attention and admiration of your guests, especially if you select ones with witty inscriptions.

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5. Garlands

No family holiday is complete without garlands of string lights. Apart from creating the unbelievable coziness, they provide soft and warm light, which gets everyone in the mood for pleasant discussions and trips down the memory lanes. You can use them to create a wall panel tree, decorate the real tree if you have one, fit them along the perimeter of your room or even create bowls filled with them like a little cozy chimneys and place them around your living room.

4. Fireplace

If you are a lucky owner of a fireplace – there is nothing difficult in decorating it with festive candles and wreaths. However, if your living room does not have a fireplace you can create a makeshift one as a wall panel using logs, screen and glass. Adding led lights and candles will make it look even cozier. Don’t forget to hang the bright Christmas socks and wrap your gifts beautifully.

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3. Winter Holiday Aromas

No celebration will be good enough without the pleasant smell of pine tree and candles. If you have a live Christmas tree in your living room, then this question s resolved automatically. However, if you prefer the artificial ones, you can use aromatic oils with aromas of your choosing, be it pine needles, cinnamon, chocolate, or even vanilla.

2. Sled as an Element of Décor

Want to sparkle with originality? Use the sled in the decor. They can perfectly fit into the New Year’s interior, especially if they are made of wood or rattan and decorated with the appropriate New Year’s attributes.

Sledges can serve as a Christmas tree stand, an original coffee table, a place for folding gifts, an extra seat for the youngest guests, or even the basis of the decorative composition of the New Year's table. The main thing is that the size of the sled is comparable to the size of the objects of the environment.

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1. New Year's Posters

For those who are alien to the traditional approach to decorating the holiday, retro-posters with New Year's themes will help to create an original atmosphere in the living room. They will give the living room a special style and, perhaps, a spicy charm (depending on the choice of poster).

Of course, the posters themselves are unlikely to make the living room decor truly New Year's. Therefore, it is recommended to emphasize their presence in the interior with one or two more decorative touches, for example, lighting from garlands, coniferous framing.