Making the Most out of Art Piece by Choosing the Right Frame

Art & Photo Prints Making the Most out of Art Piece by Choosing the Right Frame

Every piece of art, just like a diamond, needs a beautiful and appropriate frame. Nowadays, frames are available in various sizes, shapes and materials. Metal frames are considered more durable, but they are heavy and if the piece of art is extensive, it will put a strain on the wall. Plastic frames can be of different colors and are light, but they are fragile and can easily break if your painting or any other piece of art, framed in plastic, falls from the wall. Wooden frames the most eco-friendly type of frames, as they do not generally cause allergies, are ratter sturdy, can be intricately carved and are capable of adding style to any art work. Apart from that, wooden frames come in different natural colors as well, depending on the timber. However, even if one is confident in his or her choice of frame material, how can one choose the right color palette that will maximize the art piece and make it the gem of the room? Should one use passe-partout or not? We will try to answer those questions and provide a general notion of appropriate frames for still life art, photographs, nature scenes and art posters.

Frames, Suitable for Still Life Art

1. Gold-plated Chic

If your still life artwork isn't speckled with an abundance of shades and details, if it’s quite clean and have one or a few items in it, you can try to frame it in gilded frame. While some may find it excessive, gilded frames can instantly class up the room, especially if you have elegant and noble furniture.

2. One of Poster’s Colors

If you have an eye for modern design and wish to have original frame that will not only make your work stand out, but also attract the attention itself, you should definitely go with the colored frame. Choosing the appropriate color is quite simple – just pick the most vibrant object from your still life art and buy the frame of the same color. It can be wooden, metal or plastic, the material does not matter.

3. Dark Wood Frame

For those who prefer the natural wooden frames there is a marvelous opportunity to choose from a wide row of dark brown color. Even if you furniture is of a different color, a gorgeous chocolate-colored wooden frame, specifically chosen to compliment the artwork – will make your still life art a true gem of your room. You can also use passe-partout to make the frame less heavy or intense in case the artwork is of a modest size.

4. Thin Black Frame

Your artwork can shine a brand new light if you use a thin black frame, it can be glossy or dim. Frame like this will stress the important details of your still life art. It looks especially good if matched with white pass-partout. In some cases thin black frame can look more like a shade of a pass-partout.

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Frames, Suitable for Photograph

1. Dark Passe-partout + Light Wood

Although many of us seem to prefer the white or light shades of pass-partout, its dark shades can be quite splendid. In case your photograph contains both light and dark shades, you can select frame and pass-partout of matching colors to provide a dramatic effect to your photograph.

2. Detailed Dark Wood

In case you are a true connoisseur of the beautiful retro photos and wish to resent them in the most beautiful light, a detailed dark wood frame will do this job nicely. However, a carved dark wood frame will also look good on vivid and bright seascapes or sunsets and sunrises.  A calm and neutral shade of pass-partout of matching shade will stress the bright palette of colors.

3. Wide Black + Wide White Passe-Partout

Another trick for colorful photographs is certainly the use of black and white combination of frame and passe-partout. Wide black frame will instantly attract the attention and white mat will stress the intense color palette of your artwork.

4. Neutral Wood Frame

One can never go wrong with classic, which is a light shaded natural wooden frame. If your photograph is in light color palette and has anything to do with sunshine, hay, or light-colored flowers, a beautiful natural wooden frame will add a feeling of happiness and overall tranquility to your artwork.

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Frames, Suitable for Nature/Cityscape Scenes

1. Toned Metal

A mysterious and elegant metal shine and underline beauty of any nature or cityscape. Cold metal shads, such as silver will look gorgeous with art works, containing skyscrapers or any kind of metal constructions. It can be used with or without a passe-partout. If you use it without one, make sure that the frame is wide enough, especially is your artwork is large.

2. Glossy Light Wood

This type of frame will look remarkably good with paintings of pastel color palette. Despite the fact that many prefer to use passe-partout, a wide enough polished light wood frame will add the dramatic effect to any artwork by itself. Make sure that the shade of frame you intend to use matches the main shade of the colors, used in the artwork.  

3. Rustic Wood Frame

A frame like will be perfect for an artwork that contains some nostalgic scenes, favorite resort, a little treehouse, a village in which you’ve spend your summer as a child. You can use neutral or white pass-partout with this frame, just make sure that it matches the main color palette or is only a couple of shades darker.

4. Wide White Frame

White frame will always look elegant, especially if the artwork contains a calming nature scene with bright and pleasant colors. Moreover, if your painting or photograph is vivid and dynamic, beautiful white frame will add a bit of tranquility to it.

Framed Print Art Street Danceat

Frames, Suitable for an Art Poster

1. One of the Poster Colors

Just like in case of still art frames, the main color of your art print will be a suitable color for a frame, it can be black, green, red, blue or any other color you want. A frame like this will make your poster a gem of your room, especially if you prefer modern interior design. Make sure that your frame is not too wide or too thin for the size of your artwork.

2. White Wood Frame

For those people, who prefer elegant and clean white interiors, posters in white frames is a must. White frame will make your artwork seem lightweight and modern. It will look even better in case your posters contain bold dark letters on light background or is a collage of vivid pictures.


3. Natural Wood Frame

In case you want your poster to have an elegance of a real painting, you can consider natural wood frame. This type of frame will maximize the outlook of your poster and will give it a sharp and elegant edge. You can use a pass-partout of a neutral color to achieve a dramatic effect.

4. Black Metal Colored Frame

This type of frame is most suitable for images containing logos or images with big bold letters. A frame like this will look elegant and striking in an office of a large company. Formal and classic, black metal colored frame will add intensity and depth to any image it frames.

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Every one of us has his or her own idea of decorating the house, nevertheless it’s worth to follow at least general rules. Don’t use detailed and heavy frames with dappled images or artworks of small size. If your art piece contains nature scene or a countryside landscape – it’s worth to consider a wooden frame of natural color, matching the general color palette of the image.  Black frames with white passe-partout look great with vivid and bright photographs of art works. Don’t use frames of intense colors with artworks, accomplished in pastel tones. Let your creativity fly and never be afraid to try something new.


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