Catalogues: Maximizing the Efficiency of Direct Marketing Strategy

Promotional Products Catalogues: Maximizing the Efficiency of Direct Marketing Strategy

Catalogues are the lists of goods that companies are intending to sell their customers.Catalogues contain in-depth description of the products, as well all the promotions and discounts a company offers. Some companies use catalogues as a mean of attracting their customers to other branches of their marketing. For instance, a catalogue may contain a hefty discount for registering on company’s website and buying product for a certain amount. Other promotion of such kind may involve bonuses for sharing on social media, promotional schemes, where customer has to over several products of certain kind to receive a substantial discount and so on. From the customer’s point of view, catalogues are a very convenient mean of finding what they need, as every product is illustrated and has a detailed description. Apart from that, some customers prefer placing the order via phone, while talking to a live person, instead of making an order online and waiting for the confirmation e-mail. Let’s take a look at basic guidelines of catalogue’s creation, as well as at benefits and drawbacks of this direct marketing strategy.