Creative Business Cards Tips + 30 Awe-Inspiring Examples

Business Cards Creative Business Cards Tips + 30 Awe-Inspiring Examples

It’s not a secret that nowadays everything is about social media. Finding business partners and clients, selling services or goods online – everything can be done with a click of a button. Nevertheless, meeting your client and potential business partners in person still remains a great part of a successful business. After all, people want to see who they are working/dealing with, which is why first impression is crucial for building a long-term relationship with your prospect.

Every successful meeting ends up with shaking hands and business cards exchange, which is why your business card will remain with the person, whose interest you’d like to capture. Given the importance of first impressions, it’s hard to underestimate the impact your business card can make. It’s the representation of you, the essence of your business and brand and possibly your ticket to capturing that important client.

How to create a business card that will make a powerful and favorable impression?

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Outlining what distinguishes you or your business from the competitors

The first logical step will be to determine what you or your business can offer that others can’t. It can be free shipping, exotic materials, unusual services that is unique to you or your brand, or a complex solutions for that matter. For example, you can easily create a package that includes several services, which are not offered by your competitors. Once you’ve outlined the advantages that make your business unique you can move to the next step.

Determining what elements your business card will include

A great way to attract new clients is to present your advantage in a unique way. For instance, if you make furniture and also fix it, you can make foldable constructor business card in the form of a table or a chair that will have a loose leg that the recipient of this business card will be able to fix with a few manipulations. The entire marketing world rests on the shoulders of interest and emotions, which is why an unusual business card that people perceive as puzzle has greater chance to be carefully stored and not thrown in the trash. That, in its turn, boosts the chance that a person will call you if he is in need of your goods or services.

Choosing eye-capturing color palette

It’s a well-known fact that colors make our emotions tick, which is why an appropriate combination of colors can make your business card unique and worth remembering. However, you should choose wisely, because grey or blue color are associated with seriousness, solidity, but not fun. But if you’re in an entertainment industry – it’s all about joy and fun, correspondingly grey will not work there.

Inspiring Motto

Some business cards have it, some don’t but if you are able to think of spirit-lifting motto that is perfectly in line with your business – just do it! Who knows, maybe you motto will become so catchy that clients will pour to your business like an unstoppable wave.

Choosing the right photo/image

Different businesses/professions have different lines of work, which is why choosing an image that will uniquely suit your business can also be а great help. For example, a beautiful smile will look gorgeous on a dentist’s business card, while macro picture of a breathtakingly beautiful butterfly will certainly make the case for the photographer.

 Letting your imagination run wild

Literally, any idea can become a golden one, which is why you shouldn’t dismiss anything that comes to your mind without consulting your colleagues/friends. Someone thought of a metal business card that can be used as a wrench. How crazy is that? Crazy awesome! That’s for sure. Even if your idea seems to be impossible to accomplish, you will be surprised how many services exist nowadays that can make everything and customize it or you.


Never say “never” to an unusual idea, be different, inspire people with your unbelievable business card design and they will return for more. Business card is a perfect way to not only use it as promotional product, but also to communicate the essence of your business, get your message out there, let people know what you have to offer and how happy they will be, should they decide to use your services. Below you’ll find 30 examples of amazingly creative business cards that undoubtedly made a memorable impression on their recipients. Enjoy and use them as your source of inspiration!

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