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In the first decades of the nineteenth century, the word "Bohemian" was used to describe people leading an unusual lifestyle, for instance wanderers and vagrants were described as bohemians. It also applied to those who opposed the “establishment” or were non-conformist in relation to the social or political views of the time. Later this term became synonymous with the word "gypsy". At that time, many Roma, fleeing persecution, fled from Czech Bohemia. The Bohemian style is the style of disobedience; red and green are easily combined in this interior.

The Bohemian style is an abundance of details, large floral ornaments, mélange of bright colors and rich textures, an abundance of heavy multi-layered fringe, embroidery, colored glass and crystal, painted wooden or wicker rattan furniture chased mirrored frames and curved metal curtains. Antique pieces of furniture with artful ornamental or painted inlay can also be included in this colorful cocktail. A series of intricate metal lamps with stained glass or window stained glass windows accomplished in saturated colors can become a special highlight of this interior. One of the original techniques of bohemian style creation is a unique way of draping chairs and sofas with patches of various colors and textures of decorative fabrics. This is a very lively, temperamental and energetic style can bring optimism and cheerfulness to the interior.

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A particularly characteristic feature of the Bohemian interior style is that its creator is his own master and can decorate his home using everything that he considers necessary. This is not the case when you have to think carefully about whether this or that part will fit into the common space. Everything is welcome in the Bohemian interior: souvenirs, statues, hand-made works of art, photographs, art prints and any elements of different cultures. However, there are some nuances. Bohemian style does not tolerate useless cluttering of space. Everything, whatever it may be, must be tightly connected with its owner, tell something about him or his life.

The Bohemian style is variegated and asymmetrical; it does not tolerate organization and expediency. Accessories in this interior obey the laws: everything your heart desires, and the more, the better. In this style there is no place for emptiness, every piece of space should be filled with all sorts of trifles. This is an eclectic style, a mixture of gypsy, hand-made, hippie, eco and folk styles. However, most importantly, it’s not a mixture of styles, but a mixture of expensive and cheap. The Bohemian interior mixes expensive modern or vintage furniture with kitsch plush bedspreads and insane hand-made things.

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In order to decorate the interior in the bohemian style, you need a minimum of funds, a maximum of ideas, and you will get an interesting, comfortable and easy design. This style is heritage of a small nation that once lived in the Czech Republic. The welfare of this people was low, but their homes were equipped very comfortably, so the main characteristics of the bohemian style is an affordable and free decor, which has practically no restrictions. The main thing for the arrangement of the bohemian style will be your ingenuity. This style allows the space of the room to be completely filled with various objects and decorative elements. Usually, all objects are designed to fill the room with a mixture of culture, life and extraordinary beautiful hand made things.


Bohemian style has absolutely no rules regarding color palette, warm natural tones can be found in it along with metallic ones. Pay attention to brown, terracotta, gold and other similar tones. Intense violet, fiery orange and electrical blue often prevail in accessories such as tapestries and paintings. The main rule is that the selected colors should make you feel warm. However, white color must not be used in the room, accomplished in the Bohemian style.

Feel free to mix different colors in the same space. The easiest way to do this is with various furniture covers, tapestries and wall paintings.

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The main rule in the use of materials in the Bohemian style is to mix and match. Take natural materials such as burlap and sisal and combine them, for example, with silk and chenille. It will look even better if the materials have a slightly worn look (of course, they should not be torn, but rather artificially aged). Anything can have this look - pillows, curtains, lampshades.

If you don't look closely, the bohemian style is a kind of chaos, which is balanced by suitable accessories. The furniture is among the decorative and useful items. If skillfully selected it can make the room bright, more vivid and shiny. All items and accessories must be original and carry a certain story that only you know. You can use glass or crystal chandeliers as accessories, it would be appropriate to put a bedside table covered with gilding or a lantern made of silver. All items are placed in various parts of the room, which helps making every corner useful and unusual.

While creating the interior in the bohemian style, you can combine colors that aren't usually combined in other interior decor styles. This rule can also be applicable to the items of furniture and decor. This is possible because while choosing the decor items for your bohemian style interior, your thoughts and feelings are your main guidance, which is why color palette is unique for every bohemian style interior. Most styles are based on pastel and natural shades, which is absolutely not characteristic of this style - they simply don't have a place here. The basis of this style are the contrasting colors that bohemians love so much.

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To achieve this effect, one can use various accessories. The most suitable for creating contrast will be products from textiles. It can be various tablecloths and napkins, carpets and bedspreads, as well as drapes that perfectly create the necessary contrast and complement the entire outlook. The main thing here is skillfully mix different materials and combine them. Beautiful and bohemian look can be achieved through the use of velvet, which can be attached on the lampshades, or even used for curtains or pillows.

Furniture plays an important role in the interior of the bohemian style, because it should give the impression that it was bought many years ago. This type of furniture can be purchased in antique stores, or on different marketplaces. Shape and size of the furniture is not important for this style, because there are other priorities. The main thing to remember is that all pieces of furniture should be original and exclusive. The best furniture for the bohemian style is the objects of the Victorian era. This furniture is peculiar and exclusive. If the color of the furniture does not match your vision of it in the interior, you can always take a brush and paint your ideas. Abundance of living plants and the abundance of paintings on the walls will help to complete the interior in the bohemian style.

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Selection of accessories should be taken seriously, just like the choice of furniture. Accessories must be connected to pleasant moments from your past and be unusual. You can use old chests, bottles, having an unusual shape and color, as well as all sorts of trinkets from porcelain that can tell life story of their former owners. Guests should have the impression that all these cute things are collected from around the world. This style is quite unusual, but it has its admirers, because like no other it invites to cozy informal communication or get-together with friends, as well as to creative evenings filled with comfort and coziness.

The interior can be considered bohemian only if it reveals the creative nature of its owner. All people have at least a little bit of creativity, so everybody is capable of creating a bohemian style decor. Just remember not to overstep the line beyond which there is only chaos, and house turned into a dump of things that have nothing to do with the bohemian style.