Freshness of Blue Color in the Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Freshness of Blue Color in the Interior Decor

Many people like to use blue color in the interior of their living spaces, because it is this color that reminds them of the sky or the shimmering sea. Blue color relaxes, pacifies, eliminates the feeling of anxiety and just pleases the eye with its neutral palette. According to psychologists, it is this color that has the most peaceful and beneficial effect on the psychological state of a person, which is why people often use blue wallpapers for the bedroom. The blue interior is generally very light and capable of immersing you in dreams and tranquility.

Nevertheless, you should not overdo the blue color in the interior. As they say, everything is good in moderation. There is no special framework for using blue in the interior: it can be used in hallways, living rooms, in kitchens, in bedrooms and even in children's rooms. The saturation of the blue color is adjusted depending on the type of room, its style and purpose. For rooms accomplished in the nautical style more saturated shades of blue, close to the deep blue are more appropriate. While for modern, classic and art deco styles, light pastel shades of blue will be a better choice.

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Combination of Blue with Other Colors

In order for blue color to have the most stylish outlook in your interior, it should be used not in its pure form, but in combination with other shades that will complement it. The combination of blue in the interior is very diverse, and it is in perfect harmony with many colors - below are the most popular color combinations with blue.

Blue and White

The most traditional and popular solution is a combination of blue and white. The design of the room in this case emanates comfort, style, and solidity. In this combination, the blue color can be used as a background or accent, but it can be used for decoration of the walls as well, or as bright elements of the room as contrast on the background of white walls.

In addition to white, blue can be successfully combined with light beige, and combination with brown also looks interesting. A color tandem like this is often used in rooms where it is necessary to create an environment that is as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

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Blue and Orange

Bright spots of orange look good when you are using rich shades of blue in contrast, however, the contrast should be moderate to avoid making the decor of the room annoying and tasteless.

Gray-blue color in the interior is a relatively modern solution. This color combination is often used for decoration of boys' rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

As for suitability of blue color in the design of various rooms, there are no contraindications, it will be appropriate for each room; the most important thing is not to overdo it. Experts do not recommend using a combination of blue in the interior of the kitchen, as it can affect the appetite, however for people who are trying to shed additional weight it can be beneficial. In addition, it is better not to use the blue color in the rooms with windows on the north side of the house, since your room will turn out to be “cold”. Nevertheless, for those rooms where there is a sun most of the time, blue color palette will fit perfectly.

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Visual Tricks

Blue color is perfect for the visual expansion of space. The walls decorated in this shade seem further apart, therefore the room becomes visually expanded. Here are some visual tricks that will help you while working with blue color in the interior:

• In order to visually raise the ceiling, you need to paint it blue, preferably sky-blue.

• A blue piece of furniture or decor helps to divert attention from the flaws of space.

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Blue shade is considered universal and can be used in all rooms:

• In the hallway it will create an atmosphere of cleanliness, although it may not seem practical for some to use it in this room. In fact, this color will allow you to visually fill the small room with air. If there are concerns that any drops or stains will be visible on the walls, you should choose a washable wallpaper or simply paint the walls.

• Blue color will refresh the living room. In order to achieve this effect you can use just one chair, coffee table or sofa in the color of aquamarine. Blue decor is especially relevant in the warm season. In winter, it can be combined with warm contrasting shades of brown, ocher, or sunny orange.

• Bedroom is the perfect place to experiment with blue. In the evening, he sets up a calm mood, pacifies, and in the morning invigorates and refreshes. Here it can be used on walls, in textiles and accessories. A variety of shades of blue looks interesting in one interior. In the bedroom, it is better to dilute blue color with gray or white.

• This shade is ideally suited for a bathroom. It seems to be created for these rooms. Blue color brings lightness and a sense of cleanliness to the interior.

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• Some people cautiously use blue in the kitchen and in the dining room, because it is famous for suppressing appetite. However, this statement concerns the deep blue color, while light blue is completely neutral in this matter.

Blue kitchen is associated with excessive severity and coolness, which are not appropriate in this room. That is why not many people prefer to decorate the interior of the kitchen in this color. However, if you properly approach the decoration, the atmosphere of the kitchen will become cozy, stylish, and harmonious.


To keep the blue kitchen from looking too cold, place warm pieces of furniture in it. Cream, beige, gray-blue, and brown-blue furniture looks great in blue decor. The ideal variant is a kitchen set of beige shades against the background of blue walls.

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Floor covering

The floor in the blue kitchen is the same color as the furniture. You need to use a bright floor covering in order to make the interior more gentle and cozy. If you want to fill the kitchen with peace and tranquility, warm golden shades of flooring will help with that. However, to enhance the contrast of the interior in the blue kitchen and to make the room design more striking, choose a dark floor covering, for example, chocolate, dark gray, or one of the dark purple shades.

Splash back and Tabletop

Furniture of blue color can be perfectly combined with pure-white splashback. The tabletop in this case can be gray or golden. If the splashback is gray, the tabletop has to be of snow-white or gray-blue color. In addition to gray, you can use other light shades for decorating surfaces: soft coffee, beige, and cream. Don't use the combination of a dark splashback with the table top of the same color. In this case, the blue kitchen will look gloomy.