Elegance of Black&White Bathroom Décor

Art & Photo Prints Elegance of Black&White Bathroom Décor

The interior, built on the contrast of tones, looks unusual and extravagant. Black & white bathroom is a perfect canvas for the most daring experiments on the combination of colors. Bathroom, made in white, is perfectly complemented by elements, accomplished in black, and sprinkled with bright spots, such as red or green.

When decorating bathroom with contrasting colors, the important thing is not to overdo it with black: this color should not dominate the walls; it should only emphasize the design of the room. As for the floor, it can be made completely black, or accomplished in a checkerboard pattern in combination with white tiles.

If you want to visually increase the space, the white color on the walls should be dominant. Accessories, such as black bathtub and sink will help to emphasize the contrast. If your goal is to shrink the living space visually, use the black color as main, as well as white plumbing equipment. It will stand out against an elegant dark background.

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Advantages of Black and White Bathrooms

  • Black and white bathroom is, first of all, a classic design decision. This combination always remains relevant, despite the changes in fashion trends;
  • Usage of two opposite colors gives many options for decorating the room;
  • Interior, accomplished in black and white, never gets boring and always looks fresh.

Disadvantages of Black and White Color Palette in the Bathroom

  • Black and white bathroom requires constant care, as settled dust and drops of water are immediately noticeable on objects made in these colors;
  • Before you start finishing, you need to carefully consider the design of a black and white bathroom, as one incorrectly located element can completely ruin the interior;
  • This contrasting design is not suitable for people prone to depression, as the black color will have a depressing effect on them;
  • This contrasting color scheme is not suitable for a small room, as it will visually shrink it even more.

black and white bathroom interior decor | Print-Services.com

Wall Finishing Options

  • Checkerboard pattern;
  • Black and white stripes;
  • Half black, half white tiles;
  • Completely black material;
  • Completely white tiles.

If the walls, finished in a checkerboard pattern, look concise, then the tile with black and white stripes will look more strictly. Vertical black stripes reduce the space of the room by visually pulling it up. Horizontal stripes, on the contrary, can increase the visual space.

Instead of tiles, you can use plastic panels to create a “striped” interior. A peculiar option is accomplishing of one of the walls in one tone. You can use accessories and plumbing equipment of a different color to emphasize the contrast of the selected fragment. The walls finished with half black and half-white look unusual and quite contrasting. A good option is to finish the walls with fully white tiles against a black floor and plumbing equipment. Completely black walls require maximum lighting and white plumbing.

Tiles with a pattern will help to dilute black and white: highlighting one of the walls will greatly dilute and decorate the interior. Instead of tiles for walls, you can use a mosaic. With its help, the space can be given a more contrasting appearance, or unobtrusively divide the room into zones.

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Wall and Bathroom Decoration

Finishing the floor can be performed in a monophonic version, as well as in any other interpretation. The floor surface does not require a special accent, unlike the walls. However, it is worth considering that you should not make the floor edging in black, as this will reduce the visual space. The masonry, made in a checkerboard pattern, on the contrary, will give the room a visible spaciousness. As for the ceiling, it can be left in the classical style - white tone, while for the decoration you can use:

  • PVC panels;
  • Stretched ceiling;
  • Paint or whitewashing.

Low ceilings can be finished with black material - this will visually stretch the room up. Skirting boards are best chosen in light colors in order not to disturb the contrast. The door color in the black and white bathroom should also fit into the overall interior.

The Choice of Plumbing and Furniture

A black and white bathroom with a predominance of dark tones requires light colors of plumbing and vice versa. Sometimes the best option would be to choose a combined model, which will not overload the interior of the room with one of the colors. A sink and a bathtub with an abstract black and white pattern will add a special twist to the room. Furniture should also fit into the interior and not differ in color. It also should not be very bulky, in order not to disrupt the overall picture of black and white style.

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Decorating Black and White Bathroom

Additional color solutions may come in handy if you decide to dilute the stark contrast of a black and white room. A small interspersing of red in a light and dark interior will give the space a special chic. If you are a fan of bold decisions, you can experiment and alternate these three colors.

Yellow and orange make a good combination with white and black. Yellow patterns and splashes emphasize the individuality of the interior. Adding gray shades is important for highlighting some areas or for a smoother transition. White tiles can be replaced with milk or beige, while black - with dark brown or dark blue. This will give the bathroom a warmer feel.

Using the Accessories

As it was already mentioned, in order to create an excellent design, you can use art objects in the bathroom:

  • Art pints;
  • Black and white photos;
  • Sketches.

black and white bathroom interior decor | Print-Services.com

They will look great against the background of walls of saturated colors. However, if you do not have money for a full reparation in the bathroom, you can add bright colors to its design using to the right choice of accessories:

  • Install a creative curtain for the shower;
  • Hang white towels on black hooks;
  • Put on the floor a two-tone fleece carpet;
  • Decorate the walls with black and white prints;
  • Choose the right shades for brushes, soap holders, laundry baskets and other items in the bathroom.

Before you make a bathroom in black and white style, you need to weigh the pros and cons. If you are an owner of a small bathroom, you should consider choosing white bathroom with a black floor and small splashes of color on the walls.

However, even with a large space, one should not include too many dark tones, as it creates a certain effect of gloom. Properly distributed lighting also plays an important role. For a contrasting solution, you may need the recommendations of an experienced designer who will be able to select the black and white variation for your bathroom as accurately as possible and eliminate possible errors when creating the interior.