Elegance of Black and White Kitchen Decor

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White color is considered to be universal in the interior design. It is a symbol of purity, freshness and a source of reflection of light in the room, so it is often used in the creation of kitchen design. Combining white with other colors, especially black, is a bold experiment that requires a correct and competent approach both in the balance of colors and in the choice of furniture, materials and decor. The presence of dark and light should be harmonious.

In order to learn how to properly use black and white colors in the interior, it is not necessary to be an experienced and educated designer; it is enough to study the subtleties of the correct combination of radically opposite tones. Having learned the modern trends in design, you can create an original and comfortable interior with contrasting colors, because monochrome in the room is not always appropriate, and the abundance of white can create a sense of sterility.

Kitchen in black and white will appeal to those who love concise and expressive ideas. This is an excellent choice for balanced people who value peace and order. At the same time, depending on the dominance of color and the chosen decor of a different shade, such an interior can suit people with different characters and temperaments.

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The Main Variants of Black and White Kitchen Interior Design

In the interior style, a combination of white and black can be presented in four basic versions, which are taken as a basis in creating the interior of the kitchen. These are:

  • Black floor units in combination with light hanging units is the most popular option, which designers actively use in small kitchens;
  • Black hanging units with a white floor units is a bold decision that requires a special, competent approach, and is applied in spacious rooms with high ceilings;
  • White kitchen with a black accent in the form of an backsplash, countertop or decor is made according to personal preferences and temperament of the owners of the house;
  • Black kitchen with a white accent is a rather risky and not very practical option for lovers of dark colors, since the stains and other dirt is much more noticeable on the black gloss of the facades than on a white background.

These four ideas are not cemented in the design of a black and white kitchen interior. There is also the unofficial fifth variant - fantasy, where the contrasting elements of the two main tones are arranged in strict chessboard order, or the two-color design of the ceilings, walls and floor is chosen.

First of all, you need to decide for yourself what will be done in black, and what in white color. This will determine the final design of the kitchen in black and white. Photos, which can be found on the Internet, will help to become acquainted with beautiful interiors and make a choice, guided by personal preferences.

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Black Floor Units in Combination with White Hanging Units

The classic kitchen in black and white is the balanced presence of both colors, which ultimately form the perfect combination of Yin and Yang with achromatic splashes of black in white and vice versa - white in black. This design option is characterized not only by beauty, but also by philosophical implication.

The kitchen, where the upper part of the furniture set is made in white color and the lower part is in black, looks quite formal, nevertheless it is very popular in home interiors and very often is the most safe option. A clear contrast in one line contributes to the successful separation of space. In this case, the top acquires a certain airiness, and the bottom - a visual weight. As a result, a visual effect is created, in which the walls are moved apart.

A special category of black and white kitchen sets are models with mixed facades placed in a checkerboard pattern. It is interesting to see blotches of black elements in white top or white doors in black lower part of the set.

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White Floor Units - black Hanging Units/White Kitchen with Black Appliances

While creating a kitchen design in two contrasting colors, it is necessary to remember that black absorbs light, and white, on the contrary, reflects it. Thus, the abundance of black furniture makes it heavier and more massive. Therefore, the kitchen option, where black cabinets are located at the top and white at the bottom, is a rather rare solution; it is not suitable for small black and white kitchens.

The glossy surfaces save the situation in black kitchens, which visually increase the space due to the mirroring effect. In small apartments, it is better to rely on light colors in the interior, and black should be used occasionally, - in the form of accents, and in the details of the decor. For example, the white kitchen in combination with black appliances or with black floor looks great and provides respectability to the appearance of the room. Regardless of the amount of furniture, the room will look elegant. According to psychologists, this design is very comfortable for a person, since it creates a sensation of coziness.

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The Role of the Backsplash in Black and White Kitchen

A special role in the design of the kitchen is the color of the backsplash. For black-and-white kitchens, the winning option is white, but monotonous tiles may look boring on a background like a furniture set, which is why decorative inserts or a mosaic of black color will be appropriate here. A white kitchen with a black backsplash, which will protect the walls from all sorts of dirt during the cooking process, is considered practical, since the soot and splashes are much more noticeable on a white background. In addition, it can be an original element of the decor, emphasizing the slimness of forms and the elegance of the kitchen. A backsplash for black and white kitchen is a kind of background for a furniture set that allows it to look more advantageous or, on the contrary, faceless if chosen incorrectly.

Ceramic tiles are most often used to finish the walls in the working area - this is a classic of the genre. However, other materials also deserve the attention. A backsplash made of natural wood or in extreme cases MDF with imitation of wood will give warmth to a laconic monochrome design and will make it cozier. Skinali, glass plates with printed photo on them, has become particularly popular in modern interiors, judging by the photos of kitchens accomplished in black and white style.

The image of the night city or bright colors on a monophonic background, which significantly enliven the interior, will become the perfect decoration for the kitchen. Sketch drawings, as well as classic patterns, ornaments on a glass backsplash are also relevant. Any theme or composition in a monochrome interior will look elegant and stylish.

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The Third Color and Bright Accents in the Design of Black and White Kitchen

Black and white colors are generally self-sufficient; they are suitable for virtually any interior in which rich shades of another color can be used. Accordingly, in the interior of the kitchen accomplished in black and white, individual parts and pieces of furniture, made in the third color will look original. For example, you can pick up a bright red tabletop or arrange a backsplash in a purple or yellow color. It is important for the black color to dominate in an interior like this, while white and third color should play a secondary role. Here are the most popular bright colors that serve as a complement to a black and white kitchen:

Red is not only the most popular, but also the most spectacular color. The smallest detail in red will make the interior dynamic, with a touch of mild aggression. You can use different tones of red: scarlet, crimson, purple and carmine. While using this color, it is necessary to keep everything in balance and not to overdo it with bright decor.

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Gray is a synthesis of white and black, so its presence in the interior will help to diversify the kitchen a bit and neutralize the contrast.

Green, as a symbol of nature and life, will have a relaxing effect in a rich contrasting interior. Green will reduce strictness of lines, provide optimism and boost your mood. You can use all shades of this color - from mint to marsh.

Yellow helps to invigorate the atmosphere of the kitchen and get you to think in a positive way, which has a beneficial effect on digestion and appetite, as psychologists say. Yellow accents on a black and white background will literally shine.