Biomorphism: Future of the Interior Decor in Your Home

Art & Photo Prints Biomorphism: Future of the Interior Decor in Your Home

Biomorphism in the interior is one of the most interesting modern design trends, built on the idea of ​​borrowing from nature only those features that can make a person's life more comfortable and interesting. At the same time, this style allows you to completely exclude everything that complicates life or does not correspond to modern aesthetic ideas. Unlike ecostyle, biomorphism also accepts synthetic materials. Of course, natural materials should dominate, but plastic, glass, and new high-tech coatings can be used to convey a certain idea. The biomorphism approach is also interesting in creating a purely decorative effect: all elements can be transformed and even exaggerated. For example, plastic chairs made in the form of giant green leaves in no way violate the canons of biomorphism. Well and, of course, smooth lines, improper configuration of elements and asymmetry are borrowed from nature.

Style Features

Since biomorphism in the interior is a new trend, it is characterized by an open layout. Nevertheless, in order not to infringe on your comfort in any way, all personal parts of the house can be closed with opaque partitions or even traditional walls. A distinctive feature of the style are large windows and extremely comfortable furniture. Creating an interior that imitates nature, it contains calm tones and lacks insignificant, but creating extra “visual noise” details. The design of all the rooms is restrained, notable for the few elements, but not gloomy, but, on the contrary, it sets up in a positive way. It is also worth noting that in the absence of the idea of ​​shocking, unusual objects can occur at the stop if they are able to convey something important about the interaction of nature and man.

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Biomorphism in the Interior: the Basics

First of all, biomorphism implies spaciousness, so there can be no talk of cramped rooms separated by walls with traditional doorways - the gaze should freely glide along the outlines of the zones that flow smoothly into each other. All kinds of transparent and translucent mobile partitions will be very appropriate here. Therefore, the interior should be divided into only two main areas: private (bedroom, bathroom, toilet, office) and for receiving guests (entrance hall, living room, kitchen, dining room).

Biomorphism carries the idea of ​​unity with the world, the idea of ​​harmony. This is clearly expressed in finished projects, where you can see not just large windows, but panoramic windows. So, the interior gently merges with the landscape outside the window, creating a single, bright picture. The abundance of light and space are ideal conditions for psychological balance. If your windows are not so attractive, then use light curtains that will let in sunlight well.

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Interior Attributes in the Biomorphism Style

Biomorphism is a rather bold and non-trivial solution for a residential interior. However, if you decide to recreate it at home, use the recommendations below. Here are five attributes inherent to the biomorphism style.


The first, and very important attribute of biomorphism is functionality. This means that every detail of the interior should not be purely decorative, but also carry some functional load. It can be lamps, vases and stands for books. An exception is the original designer accessories made in this style.

Freedom of Movment

The less furniture - the better! Furniture in such an interior should not occupy a lot of space, but rather be compact in size. If the room is small, you have to make a choice between chairs and a sofa in favor of the latter. Also, carefully consider the lighting in the room: expand the window openings to the maximum and curtain their blinds. This approach will visually expand the total area and give an additional sense of freedom.

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A special niche - ergonomic furniture, appeared on the market relatively recently. This is a type of furniture that ensures the optimal position of the human body, regardless of its physical parameters. The most primitive options are soft bean bags that take on the anatomical shape of the human body while sitting.

Smooth Lines and Shapes

Biomorphism style implies smooth lines and does not accept sharp corners. Accessories and furniture of irregular o- and s-shaped shapes made in natural colors (light green, orange, yellow or white) will look especially fitting.

Symbiosis of Artificial and Natural

Biomorphism is not identified with total organicity. Therefore, you can safely combine various textures and materials - both artificial and natural. The floors, covered with a wooden parquet board with furniture of cheerful colors, decorated or made entirely of glossy plastic, are ideally combined in this style.

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Wall Finish

In accents just like in decoration, it is important to maintain the perfect balance: nothing excessive. Nothing should either intrusively attract attention, or drive into boredom. So, you can safely give preference to soft shades of bright colors, which in combination with smooth forms will cause extremely positive emotions. For example, lilac or salad wall decoration will go well with a white floor. Since biomorphism refers to the organic direction in design, natural materials and their environmentally friendly imitations should be used in decoration.


Plaster with large granules or wallpaper with a floral or floral pattern is most often used to decorate the walls in a biomorphism style. It is quite acceptable in the decor, because beautiful landscapes and images of animals are exactly in the spirit of this style. Any natural covering or laminate is suitable for the floor. It is recommended to make the ceiling even and bright. At the same time, in order to somewhat diversify the decor, one should introduce some unusual elements. For example, wall stucco in the form of a tree or a flower or several glass partitions with a pattern that supports a natural theme will look good.

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In biomorphism, both furniture made of wood or wood-shaving materials without any frills will be appropriate, as well as furniture with the most unusual design, but corresponding to the spirit and main theme of the style. Armchairs in the shape of a flower, tables of the peculiar form, chairs made of solid wood, rounded beds - perfectly emphasize the spirit of this trend. To make the interior more comfortable, multifunctional objects, like recliners, are used with great success.


Like almost all modern styles, biomorphism in the interior is closer to minimalism. Several bright details better emphasize the idea of ​​style than many small and unexpressive ones. In addition to items that are often used to decorate homes decorated in eco-style, unusual details can be used in biomorphism. For example, a three-dimensional image of a waterfall, a sculptural composition of flowers and leaves, a photograph of an enlarged living cell perfectly emphasize the style features and give the interior an unusual and even slightly futuristic look.