Benefits of Posters in Advertising

Promotional Products Benefits of Posters in Advertising

Posters are a perfect and affordable way of getting your message out, targeting a specific audience. As opposed to huge and very expensive billboards, they are mobile and can be placed in hot spots, where billboards and other advertising panels cannot be placed due to their sheer size. Apart from that, one can easily create multiple posters, targeting different groups for the cost of one billboard. Skillfully designed poster can easily attract the attention of potential customers to the upcoming event or release of the product. Besides, if the message of the poster is catchy, it will stick in people’s minds, just like a striking design will most likely be photographed and shared on social media.

The Advantages of Posters in Advertising

Broad Reach

If compared to the radio or television campaigns that can be forgotten instantly, a poster speaks for itself in concise and effective way. Therefore, it can not only sink in with the broader audience that goes by and stopes by the poster during the day, but also provide helpful contact information that some posters offer in the form of tassel at the very bottom of the poster with phone numbers, website and other contact details. Besides, people perceive better information if it’s not lengthy, as in radio commercials. It’s much easier to take a photo of the poster or tear one of the tassels than to remember the phone number or get your pen or phone out to write it down.



Posters can be created not only in several forms, but also in several languages. In case you are completely satisfied with the design of your poster, but want to reach multilingual audience – make it in different languages. You can even place two identical posters, but with different languages side by side. Thus, you will not only attract the attention of your target audience, but also make sure that the message you are trying to get across will reach all people, no matter what their native language is.

Multiple Usage of a Great Poster

The beauty of a skillfully designed poster lies in the fact that you can actually use it multiple times. You put a lot of thought in your design, are proud of it, it doesn’t contain specific dates? Use it again in the future. This is especially suitable for seasonal holiday’s posters, such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year and so on. Moreover, a cool “Come to One’s Party” poster can actually become a staple.

Low Costs

In order to design a poster you just need a good imagination, firm confidence in the message you’ll be sending out and a bit of skill in graphic design. As opposed to the billboard or radio and/or TV commercials, you don’t need to hire actors/voice actors or models for your design. Any great and HD photo can truly become an awe-inspiring poster. And, you will not have to pay a fortune to print them. Even if you choose a reputable printing company and the best glossy paper for your posters, they will still cost less than billboard or TV/radio commercials.


Active Response

While designing a poster, never forget to include call-to-action phrase. People, reading your poster, for instance those who stand on bus stops, waiting in line somewhere and so on, have plenty of time not only to study your poster, but actually to take action on it. Therefore, you can expect them to call your company, visit your online store or just chat with you on Skype or via e-mail. Thus, corresponding contact information must be included. Moreover, you can also include mini-promotions for those, who manage to call right away. For example, the first 100 people calling the number will get 10% discount on a product or service.


Due to the poster’s low cost, you can actually place the entire rows of same or slightly different posters on the same wall. It’s a known marketing trick of making people remember the info on the poster even if they don’t look closely, passing by. You’ve probably seen the lines of posters with the same content on the side of the streets or in subways. Repetition of the information makes us remember it, especially if we’re walking the same subway or street on our way to work or home.

Strategic Placement

Perhaps the greatest benefit of posters lies in the fact that they can be placed anywhere and reach any sector of audience. Hotels, locating near the airports or railway stations usually place their posters near the bus stopes or along the entrances to attract possible tourists or guests of the city. The same goes for restaurants that use posters to invite travelers, tired from road to have a bite and refreshing drink. If you know your target audience well, you’ll probably be aware of the places, where these people attend most frequently. Place your creative posters there and you’re one step closer to success.

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Posters are an ideal type of advertising, capable of yielding a good conversion rate without wasting a fortune. Be creative and mindful, creating an ad poster, make sure you checked it for typos and errors because you won’t be able to correct them later. Choose a reliable printing company to print them for you and pick the hot spots of your target audience.

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