Abstract Wall Murals in Modern Interior

Wall murals Abstract Wall Murals in Modern Interior

Overpopulation and high prices on real estate are currently dictating the demand for smaller, but more comfortable living spaces, where every element of furniture and décor serves a purpose and is useful. This principle of living space decoration is a cornerstone of modern design. Simplicity, comfort and usefulness are the main features that distinguish modern interior design and make it a perfect choice for small living spaces. Another feature is pastel color palette that is prevalent in modern interiors with one bright spot, be it a piece of furniture or wall decoration. A wall decoration like that can become a centerpiece of the room, attracting attention and bringing harmony to the entire interior. Skillfully selected combination of colors, both of the overall design and of the decoration can turn even the smallest and modest-looking living space into a comfortable and modern looking room. Apart from the color palette, one should choose the correct type of the wall décor. Abstract wall murals look splendid in the modern interior, however it is worth knowing what type of abstract wall murals will suit your interior best. Here is the brief description of the main types of abstract wall murals.

Types of Abstract Wall Murals

3D Abstract Wall Murals

3D Abstract wall murals look amazing in any interior. As a rule, they depict shapes of various types and colors, arranged in a beautiful composition. One might argue that 3D wallpapers can shrink the room visually, however that is not the case, especially when you pick 3D wall murals of light colors, such as white-green, blue-green, beige and so on. 3D abstract wall murals will serve as a magnificent background for a TV, especially for display hanged on the wall.

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Vivid Multicolored Abstract Wall Murals

If your interior is predominantly white and you want to add bright and vivid wall decoration to it, in order to bright up your living space, multicolored abstract wall mural is what you need. These wall murals are created specifically for all white or all-beige interiors, where a bright spot is desperately needed to add some liveliness to the interior décor. Wall murals of this type look best behind white couch or sofa, or behind a white table set. Vivid colors of these wallpapers will catch everyone’s eye, becoming the centerpiece of your living room or bedroom.

Geometric Abstract Wall Murals

Geometric abstract wall murals will be perfect for a wall in your room that is not covered by anything big, for instance bedhead, because in this case all the beauty of intricate geometrical wall mural will be wasted. This type of wall mural gives somewhat surreal outlook to your interior, which is why in combination with skillfully selected color palette it can make you living space look futuristic and innovative.

Waves and Swirls Abstract Wall Murals

If you are going for slick futuristic look in your interior design, you should definitely take a look at waves and swirls abstract wall murals as a variant of wall decoration. This type of wall murals will look perfect in combination with oval-shaped, futuristic-looking furniture; nevertheless, any modern furniture of solid pastel color will look great with vivid waves. Waves and swirls abstract wall mural can become the best decoration for your bedroom or living room, bringing tranquility and coziness to your overall décor.

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In Conclusion

Print-Services.com offers a wide selection of magnificent abstract wall murals of various types and colors. Everyone will be able to find one for his own taste. Latex printing technology that we use allows us to manufacture wall murals of the highest quality, which are water and scratch resistant, do not fade in time under elements, and remain as vivid as during the first day you have hanged them.