Coziness of Provence Interior in Your Home

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Provence style is a provincial French style, resembling light, southern styles. It reflects the centuries-old traditions of French country houses and the imperishable beauty of the Côte d'Azur. Provence, or “French country style”, is very popular among people who want to bring notes of rustic charm into their interiors, while maintaining the elegance of the French house.

The style got its name in honor of the region of the same name in the south of France, famous for its picturesque seascapes, the intoxicating scent of flowers, the bright sunlit streets and the spicy cuisine. In the 17th century, representatives of the bourgeoisie, trying to escape from the strict classical lines and the bustle of the city, began to settle in a remote province. Inspired by local beauties and calm rural life, they decorated their new houses simply, but at the same time elegantly.

Provencal style in the interior gained extraordinary popularity in Europe in the 19th century. First of all, it attracted by the atmosphere of simplicity, peace and naturalness inherent to the village. Nowadays, the atmosphere of the French country style still fascinates many with its unique energy, which invites to relaxation and rest from daily fuss. If you want to fill your home with a touch of Mediterranean charm, comfort and harmony, Provence style is the best choice for a country house or a modern city apartment.

Distinctive Features of Provence Style in the Interior of an Apartment or a House

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The interior design in Provence style is permeated with the freshness of the salty breeze, the piquancy of Provencal herbs and the charming aroma of lavender. The charm of provincial coziness and comfort are combined with antiquity and luxury in it. In many ways, it is consonant with the country style, with the barely perceptible exquisiteness of the French estate. So, what is the style of Provence?

The French Provence style in a modern interior is characterized by an abundance of light and warm, natural shades. This seemingly rustic style has long ceased to be the prerogative of only country houses and has become an integral part of urban dwellings.

Everyone can bring the atmosphere of Provence to their home. To do this, it is not necessary to accomplish a major home remodeling or make redevelopment. It suffices to add some distinctive details to the interior and create the necessary associations with the help of natural fabrics, natural materials and light color solutions with small patches of bright colors.

Color Palette of the Provence Style

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Provence carries the feeling of a hot sea coast. In this provincial style they use predominantly peaceful, pastel tones, as if burned out in the sun. The main colors of Provence style are soft and tender. Among them the most popular are: white, sand, cream, muffled yellow, light blue, pale green, lavender.

The shade of dried clay and the rich color of sea wave also deserve special attention. It is important to observe this color palette in the decoration of the walls, as well as in the elements of decor and textiles. At the same time, the furniture should remain slightly brighter, harmoniously standing out against the background of the pastel color of the walls. Scuffing, unevenness and decorative cracks will help create the necessary effect of aging and the impression of surfaces scorched by the southern sun.

Provence Style Kitchen Design

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Kitchen is the heart and soul of the house. Today, Provence style in the interior of the kitchen is one of the most popular for decoration of country houses and urban dwellings. Elements of Provence are usually added to the classic interior style, which makes it possible to dilute strict lines, as well as to achieve the desired comfort and atmosphere of hospitality.

The design of the kitchen in Provence style is not only beautiful and cozy, but also multifunctional. For example, depending on the location, open shelves can be used for decoration or be a storage place for kitchen utensils. Modern technology is hiding behind the facades. A microwave and an electric kettle in this rustic atmosphere will look a little ridiculous.

Provence Style in the Bedroom Interior

Making a bedroom in the style of Provence is ideal for romantics. Features of sunny Mediterranean decor can be traced in every detail.

For the decor of a large bedroom paintings, textiles, flowers and plants are used in abundance. Pendant lights can be used to add elegance. Chandelier with dimmer is the most convenient and practical lighting option for a room like that.

Provence Style in the Living Room Interior

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Provence style in the living room is characterized by sunshine, openness and saturation. Here, coarse walls and frayed furniture are harmoniously interwoven with porcelain figurines, weightless wicker baskets, birdcages and frames with family photos. Rustic feel can be achieve through the use of an old kettle, buckets and jugs as a vase or pot for indoor plants.

As for the living room lighting, the presence of the lamps is very important. As a rule, forged structures (chandeliers, wall lamps and floor lamps) look most harmoniously. LED backlights and point system are a taboo for Provence style.

Provencal Style Bathroom

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Provence style in the bathroom, just as in the interior of the whole house, implies an abundance of bright sunlight. Therefore, a bathroom window is a must. It can be of any shape and size.

All furnishings and bathroom furniture must match the rustic style. You can use can be wooden stools and benches with the effect of peeling paint. The color palette of bathroom furniture consists of white, blue, and olive shades with the use of metal parts. items made of plastic and stainless steel cannot be used here.

The appropriate plumbing will help to complete the picture: a curved bathtub on forged legs and oval sinks with bronze  faucets. The ideal addition will be wooden shelves with wicker baskets for storing hygiene items.

Provence Style in the Interior of the Nursery

Accomplishing a children's room in the style of Provence opens up unlimited space for creativity.You can place a small library here or a tea area with the appropriate accessories.

All shades of pastel colors will be appropriate for this room. If the windows of the room face east, it is recommended to arrange the space in cool blue and lavender tones. For a room with windows to the west, use a warmer finish. You can also experiment and highlight one of the walls with wall mural with floral print or decorative painting.

Wicker baskets for toys will be appropriate in the interior of the children's room. Curtains, bedspreads and pillows should be selected exclusively from natural fabrics. A semicircular canopy at the head of the crib will look quite elegant.

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Provence Style in the Interior of the Hall

Provence is ideal for an apartment hallway of small size, because its inherent light colors will visually expand the area. A long corridor will also look no less beautiful. In a minimalist rustic space, hangers, a bench and a small wardrobe are enough. A big floor mirror in a wooden frame an even larger charm will add.