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Although train-like contraptions like wagon ways, were invented 15th century, first mechanized rail transport appeared Great Britain in 1820’s, whicle motorcycles, cars and aircrafts even later. Steam engine father, used in first steam-powered mechanical puffer was Scottish engineer James Watt. In 1784 together with his employee William Murdoch, they’ve created self-propelled wagon, which worked on steam engine. 20 years later Richard Trevithick managed build full-scale steam powered locomotive. With time & as response for growing reliable & quick transportation means demand, first public railway appeared 1803 London. Industrial revolution marked train mass-production beginning as need of high-speed carriers appeared all over country.

Economic Impact

It’s hard underestimate impact that locomotives mass-production has made. People are now able not only commute between countries, but also bring hefty luggage with them. Nowadays it is possible dismantle entire production plants, pack them up & transport them via wagon. Military, as always was on locomotive industry development forefront. During World War II trains were a reliable means delivering hundreds if not thousands people to battlefield. Modern wagons are very affordable, require only annual maintenance, can develop astonishing speeds, transporting people & goods from one point to another within hours, if not less.

Social Impact

It’s not a secret that we all love travelling, it’s in human’s nature. Seeing new places, admiring its architecturecastleschurches, landscapes as well as sunsets or sunrises – it’s what makes us happy. A couple centuries ago traveling long distances was not available for people with modest income & even those, who could afford it, had to spend days traveling from one country to another. Nowadays, locomotives allow even most poor people travel substantial distances, admire sea, nature, man-made wonders of far-away countries.

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