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The history of robots started with dawn of industrial or in other words technological revolution. Complex mechanisms and later appearance of electricity allowed creation of powered motors. It only in 20th century when concept of a humanoid mechanism was developed. Nowadays one can easily imagine a humanoid machine, capable of performing multiple tasks, like cars, motorcyles, trains, as well as comprehending human speech and emotions. Modern humanoid machines even possess the ability to think and decide on basis of learning programs, developed specifically for their education.

Robots in Science Fiction

The very term “robot” was coined by Karel Čapek, Czech writer in beginning of the 20th century. It was used in play he wrote, named “R.U.R.”. The term was derived from Czech word “robota” meaning servitude. The first machine that appeared on big screen was Maschinenmensch, it was depicted in the sci-fi German movie called “Metropolis” that was released in 1927. In 1950’s when the concept of humanoid machine first appeared, entertainment industry boomed with plays and movies, dedicated to this concept. The term “robotics” was coined by Isaac Asimov, who formulated 3 laws of robotics in his “I, Robot” collection of stories.

Industrial Application of Robots

Currently, it is hard to imagine our civilization without machines. They are everywhere, building automobiles, controlling complex mechanisms, cooking food, and even building other machines. Of course some may say that further introduction of machines in our lives may lead to increased rates of global unemployment. On other hand, machines are capable of working in harsh weather conditions that humans can barely withstand. Therefore, usage of machines considerably increases chances of economic and infrastructural growth of cities and countries. It is predicted that in a span of 50 years, progress in robotics will make many current professions obsolete, just like position milkman, which was widespread even a century ago.

Robots Art Prints

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