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Nowadays, cars are a technology, which is an integral part of our lifestyle, just like motorcycles, trains, and aircrafts, and we cannot imagine our daily routine without them. Even those, who do not own an auto, still use buses, minivans, trucks & other vehicles type for transportation or for work. Nevertheless, automobiles have appeared relatively recently. Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot invented first auto that was capable transporting people in 1768. It was steam-powered, too impractical.  The first vehicle that ran on internal combustion engine appeared in 1807 & was created by François Isaac de Rivaz. Finally, in 1886 Karl Benz came up with idea of gasoline-powered auto. There were made several copies of this automobile, which is why it is considered to be first “mass production” vehicle in history. Nowadays, there exists various auto models abundance, starting with light, agile sports wheels and smart autos to heavy industrial trucks & harvesters.

The Most Popular Car Brands

The majority people, who can afford wheels, buy them out of practical considerations, which is why durability, cost, horse powers play a great role. Among most popular automobile brands: Ford, BWM, Toyota, Renault, Opel, Chevrolet. Certainly, there exist those who possess sizable money amounts and can afford luxurious automobiles such brands as Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. Autos these brands are sometimes custom-made or released in limited edition. These cars not suitable for everyday life because they have little room for baggage, spare parts cost a fortune. The market is also filled with very affordable, if not cheap autos from China, but they easily break, which is why their maintenance costs more than German or American wheels.

Electric Cars

Electric autos first appeared in last 19th century decade, became hugely popular in 21st century. They are much quite than conventional automobiles, product no pollutants, which means that they are absolutely eco-friendly and one doesn’t have to waste a fortune on gasoline. Nowadays, Tesla manufactures the most popular electric automobiles. Company offers several models and is planning on introducing heavy-duty vehicles in nearest future. There currently exist hybrid vehicles, such as Toyota’s Prius, they work partially on gasoline, partially on battery that recharges during gasoline use.  Although hybrid vehicles far from being as eco-friendly, quiet as fully electrical vehicles, they still use much less gasoline, emit less vehicle exhaust gas.

Cars Art Prints 

The most beautiful cars art prints are offered by for your bedroom decor. We offer different types of autos, buses, trucks, harvesters and other heavy-duty vehicles art prints. Cars art prints will be perfect for decoration of your man-cave or improving car dealership’s outlook or any vehicle-selling showroom. Our art prints are of highest quality. We use only eco-friendly materials and provide fast shipping as well as the most affordable prices on market.