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German Karl von Drais invented first bicycle technology in 1817, although first sketch of a bike dates back to 1534. It belonged to apprentice of Leonardo da Vinci, Gian Giacomo Caprotti. Cycles became widespread Germany, France and later in Great Britain. Between 1820’s - 1850’s most popular bikes had 3 or even 4 wheels, because previous 2-wheeled models, mass manufactured became multiple accidents’ cause, where people received severe injuries due to their inability to keep balance. However, 1860’s saw return two-wheeled cycles, as many patents with considerable improvements to initial model were submitted France. In period between 1870’s and 1880’s high-wheel bike was all rage, however, just like first model case, it was difficult for most people to keep balance on it, which is why its popularity has gradually declined, especially with invention of a safe bike, which resembled models, used nowadays.

Bike Culture in Developed Countries

Many people consider pushbike a perfect alternative transportation mean. In such countries as Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland & others, bikes are so popular that almost all roads within limits cities have special pushbike lanes, created specifically for those, who prefer to keep fit, eco-friendly, using bikes to get to and from work, school, other locations. Some countries with steep landscapes their city grounds are now considering option of installing special cycle lifts to help people overcome overly steep road patches & continue their ride.

Bicycle as an Environmentally Friendly Mean of Transportation

Given that nowadays large cities like Beijing are practically suffocating, drowning pollutants, emitted by trains, aircrafts, cars & factories, more and more people consider bike as an acceptable, eco-friendly transportation mean. Bike rides not only help people to get to their destination sometimes quicker than car rides (traffic jams have become a constant big cities), but also keep people fit, reducing need to attend gyms, when there is little time due to busy lifestyle. Apart from that, very fact that cycles do not emit any harmful substances speaks for itself.

Bicycles in Sport

Perhaps most well-known pushbike race is Tour de France. It held annually France. Thousands people take part in race with winners names announced worldwide. Although it may seems surprising that bicycle races are so extremely popular, let’s not forget that first Tour de France was held 1903, when automobiles were at very dawn their existence, cycles were widespread and most convenient way of transportation within city limits.

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