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The history of aviation, planes in general started with discovery of hydrogen gas 18th century. Montgolfier brothers were first ones, who built hot air balloon, launched multiple manned flights. Soon after military showed their interest in invention and hot air balloons received popularity in use for military purposes. The flight possibility opened a new study sphere, giving birth to such disciplines as aerodynamics. At 20th century beginning, first powered airplane soared into sky & by end of 20th century, due invention of digital electronics, computer-controlled flight became a reality.

Commercial Aircrafts

Nowadays it’s hard to imagine global civilization without commercial jets. Planes, capable transporting hundreds people allow travelling from one continent to another an hours matter. That was unimaginable not so long ago. The first airplane capable transporting several people was Sikorsky Ilya Muromets. It appeared in December 1913 and retired 1922. In total there were created over 85 planes this model. The next commercial biplane was Curtiss JN-4 that was launched 1915. The first airplanes that looked liked modern ones came service 1930’s & since that time travelling by plane became widespread, extremely popular.

Private Aircrafts

Just like luxurious cars, private airplanes are bought by wealthy people, who prefer not to travel alongside common people. Modern technologies allow creation ridiculously expensive cars, trains, motorcycles, and most importantly - private jets, which include such amenities as showers, conference rooms, bars, private kitchens, television, many other. Some people even go further & buy commercial airplane in order to turn them into a private palace on wings. Private jets like this include multiple bedrooms, gym, kitchens, showers & a wide row other amenities.

Military Aircrafts

Given that military every country, especially US, tries to stay on top all modern inventions, even invests development new technologies, it’s no wonder that military airplanes have come into being not long after this technology became available. Nowadays, one can see ultrasonic fighter jets movies and media. News about new stealthy jets or helicopters, capable of inflicting serious damage on enemy forces can be frequently seen newspaper headlines or internet media.


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