Multi Panel Sets Retro Car, Red 031 Art & Photo Prints

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Product Name: Retro Car, Red 031

Product type: Multi Panel Sets

Panel Sets are images of your choosing divided in two or more panels, printed on Canvas (sturdy
cotton cloth), and stretched on a wooden frame 2.5 cm (1in) thick with white wrap on the edges.
Each panel has a hanger on the black, so you will have to prepare a hook or nail in order to hang
your panel set.
Panel Sets are manufactured using cutting-edge latex printing technology.
Latex printing inks cannot be washed out during cleaning with wet cloth, they are ecologically clean,
hypoallergenic, do not fade under sunlight and retain vivid colors and shades for many years.
Apart from that, these inks are scratch resistant, and contain no harmful ingredients or odor.
All materials, used in printing process, such as inks, canvas, and other, are manufactured in
Europe, correspond to all international standards, and are of the premium quality.
Size: Maximum and minimum size of the panel set depends on the image you chose and can be
selected in a Size drop-down menu.
Manufacture period: 1-3 days
Shipping price: Free Worldwide Shipping.


Refresh your living room with wonderfully beautiful Retro-themed “Retro Car, Red 031” Multi Panel Sets, from our extensive Technology category. A gorgeous Retro art print can drastically change the overall outlook of your interior, making it much more welcoming, soothing and pleasant both for you and for your guests. offers an abundance of qualitative Multi Panel Sets Technology Art & Photo Prints at affordable prices. When you purchasean art print here, you can be sure that you are getting qualitative product that will not fade in time and is easy to take care of – just dust it off with dry cloth from time to time and it will look brand new. Our art Multi Panel Sets are manufactured with eco-friendly inks that do not cause allergies and look strikingly beautiful and vivid even with a flow of time.

How to Hang a Panel Set

Panel set always draws everyone’s attention, which is why its position in the room is quite important. It is worth to prepare your room in advance for the panel set installation.

Panel Sets Handing at Wall |

One has to take into account several aspects, such as:

Size of the room

Living space you are decorating can be rather large, which calls for big panel sets, but small room will not look good with panel set, stretched on the entire wall.

Style of your interior

You need to select a panel set that will be in the same style as the rest of your interior. For instance, modern ad minimalistic style will hardly look good with heavy panel set, depicting some Renaissance masterpiece.

It will be best to start mounting with the center panel or main panel (in compliance with the picture design). After that, center of the composition has to be determined. It depends on the number of panels. The center of diptych (two-panel set) is located in an empty space between panels. In triptych (three panel set), the middle panel serves as a center of the entire composition. The location of center in polyptych (multi panel set) can be determined by taking into account the total number of panels.

After you press the first segment to the wall in a place, you would like it to be, mark the panel’s corner edges. Make sure the horizontal line is straight; otherwise, the entire composition will have a tilted outlook. Keeping in mind that you have to leave an indentation of about 2-4 cm (1-2 inches), you need to press the rest of the segments of the wall and mark their corners. Seeing the overall sketch will allow you to make necessary adjustment, moving to the next step afterwards.

Another important issue is the correct way to attach or hang the panel set on the wall, using appropriate means. Therefore, you need to consider the following aspects:

Type of the wall surface and material it was made of;

Period during which the panel set is intended to be on the wall;

Weight of the set;

Requirements for the preservation of the wall surface outlook;

The need to request the professional aid

Two Types of Panel Set Installation

After you have estimated the work that needs to be done, you can choose one of the attachment methods - easy or complex one. Easy way can be accomplished at home by yourself and does not require the purchase of special equipment. You do not need to have a specific set of skills in order to install panel set the easy way. Nevertheless, panels of big size, which are heavy, cannot be installed this way. The easy method is suitable only for lightweight panels. Complex installation is characterized by extensive amount of work, but the result is more reliable and durable.

Clamping Using Office Supplies (namely pins).

The advantage of this type а installation is obvious – wall surface experiences very little damage. Apart from that, it is simple and does not take much time. However, this installation method is suitable only for the lightweight posters and photos. However, it is worth to remember that this method fully depends on the hardness of the wall – you cannot press pin into a concrete wall.

Installation using double-backed adhesive tape.

This method guarantees that both surfaces remain intact, which is especially advantageous for living spaces with expensive and qualitative wall surfaces. This type of installation can be accomplished by yourself, using regular double-backed adhesive tape. If you wish to add more reliability to it, you can by this type of tape on a cloth base.

Installation Using Hanger with Spikes

This instrument installs on the wall with the help of thin spikes. The advantage of this type of fastening lies in the fact that it can support heavy weight, however, it cannot be used in case the wall is made of concrete.

Installation Using a Nail

You can easily hang a panel set on the wall, using nail, however this method damages the wall and its application is not universal, as in some buildings walls are made of fortified concrete.

Installation Using Liquid Nails

Usage of liquid nails provides extremely strong bonding with any surface, even in the room with high humidity. However, this method cannot be accomplished by yourself, which is why you will have to hire a professional.

Installation Using Foaming Tape

Just like liquid nails, foaming tape installation is quite complex and requires the work of professional. It provides reliable and durable fixation, but only on uniform surfaces.

Installation Using Polymer Adhesive

Polymer adhesive and can bond any surfaces. It takes quite a while for it to dry, but its usage provides durable and reliable result.

Installation Using Wood Dowels

Wood dowels are among the most popular methods of installing panel sets. They are attached to the wall and can be easily removed. However, specific holes need to be made in panels to attach them to the dowels.

Installation Using Sticker System “Command”

Sticker system “Command” is the most reliable method of panel installation. These stickers can be easily attached and removed from the wall, without leaving traces on any surface.

Panel Set Position on the Wall

It is highly important to not only choose a suitable panel set for your room, but also to position it properly on the wall. Panel sets instantly attract attention, which is why you need to find a position on the wall, where the panel set will look the best. The optimal center height is 150 cm or 60 inches. Eye-level position will allow people to look upon the panel set and enjoy its beauty without any distortions, such as unflattering angle or unnecessary tilt.

Free Worldwide Shipping. These types of canvas prints are thoroughly packed in a sturdy box in order to avoid
any damage during shipping.

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time for European countries is 5-10 days.

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Cutting-edge Latex printing technology ensures the highest quality, water- and scratch-resistance of the prints, as well as their vividness and brightness. European-quality eco-friendly printing materials prevent our prints from fading with time even under direct sunlight.