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Nude Pin-Up Girls Art

Seeing these "caramel muzzles" once, you will never forget them and with nothing you will not confuse. The art print of an ideal girl - beautiful, sexy, coquettish, direct and cheerful - was created at the beginning of the last century, but still does not lose its relevance and has an incredible number of admirers. And it does not matter what color of hair does she have - blond, dark or red.

At a time when the Playboys and their ilk had never been heard, naive in the eyes of today's sophisticated man, the scenes in which the heroes of nude pin-up art constantly fell, were considered very piquant and awakened in the representatives of the stronger sex quite a passion for themselves. In the 30s, Puritan moods reigned in America, so there was nothing allowed to show such "art prints" in the art prints: the maximum - the legs in stockings, the deep decollete, the outlines of the sculpted figure - and nothing more. Everything else had to be thought out on its own.

Imagination and spurred on and situations in which allegedly were captured nude nude pin-up cuties: then they lift the skirt with a wind, then they hooked it by the door, then the girl suddenly - oops! - and the elastic band will burst in pink lace panties, and hands, of course, are occupied.

In the 50 years, which are considered such a "renaissance" of nude nude pin-up, its popularity soared to a new level due to the fact that the heroines of the drawings began to be depicted in much more daring poses and outfits. Sometimes, girls looked from the posters, being absolutely nude, but covered, for example, with a towel or a fan.

These nude pin up arts were printed on the covers of magazines (even if they had nothing to do with content) - and the print runs were dispersed in a second thanks to this. People tore out pages with playful beauties and hanged them on walls, inserted them into frames, attached them in the cabins of trucks and at night looked at them in detail with a flashlight under the blanket. By the way, "nude pin-up" means "just to attach", "pin". So the name of the art print clearly justified.

Especially popular with the nude pin-up girl was among American soldiers during the Second World War. The military leadership deliberately distributed leaflets and magazines with painted beauties to inspire the soldier (they say, what kind of paws are waiting for you at home!) And to reduce cases of homosexuality. It was then in the course went playing cards with nude pin-up, stylized lighters "Zippo" and even drawings in this style on the fuselages of aircraft. So the models of nude pin-up, among which were mannequins, actresses and singers, greatly increased the morale of the army. And in all senses.

Thanks to the nude pin-up, thousands of publishers, photographers, companies producing thematic accessories, and, of course, models were enriched. The names of Betty Page, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Sid Chariss - always went down in history thanks to the frivolous art prints drawn from them.

By the way, the technique was the following: the artists first photographed the girls in their desired poses, and then copied the art print, or painted with paints directly on its surface. Thus, the art print turned out on the one hand - quite plausible, on the other - idealized to such an extent that young and not very Americans fell in love with piquant young ladies, and Americans tried to imitate nude pin-up in clothes, make-up and manners.

The style of nude pin-up, which has focused on sensuality, mischief and the embodiment of men's dreams, is quite popular today. They are inspired by the creation of their collections by world-famous designers (Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Guess, Moschino).

nude pin-up still lives on postcards issued in large print runs, handbags, caskets and clothes depicting the playful beauties of the last century. Some of the artists even continue the established traditions of this art, and there are those who breathe new life into it. offers an extensive collection of gorgeous pin-up art prints for your bedroom decor.