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History of Pin up Art Prints

Pin-up Art prints are associated with the images of beautiful, coquettishly dressed blond, dark-haired and redhead girls in the style of American roaring twenties. The popularity of the Pin-Up came in the 1930s, when charming cheerful girls began to appear on the covers of the magazines in dresses fluttering in the wind, exposing the legs to the unacceptable heights at the time. Slyly smiling beauties also wore lowered shoulder straps to boast lovely shoulders. The idea of ​​a painted beauty on the cover of the magazine was an incredible success. Images with the girls were cut out from magazines, pinned to the walls. These smiling painted beauties got the nickname Pin-Up Girls (from pin-up e.g. to pin to the wall).

In the forties, pictures of Pin-up were being instantly sold out and flaunted everywhere: on soldiers' calendars and magazines, on the sides of aircrafts and towers of tanks, and on the walls.

Images of pin-up style largely became works of art, often depicting an idealized version of how a beautiful or attractive woman should look like. Pin-up reflects a certain spirit of the time, the ideal of beauty and the idea of ​​a perfect woman. Such famous film actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Claudia Cardinale, Brigitte Bardot became Pin-up-Girls and posters with their images were bought by millions and attached to the doors of cabinets, walls and even windows.

Pin-up Art Prints

The main feature of pin-up was a veiled hint, and eroticism appeared as if by accident: the skirt caught by the door handle, blouse lifted by the wind. The girls were always portrayed naturally, radiating a lively, joyful and carefree atmosphere. Pin-up depicts certain types of women: a charming woman-child, a stubborn girl, an innocent-sensual fool, a beautiful bride, a chic dancer, a seductive stripper. All the funny scenes played out on the familiar background of small American cities, the exact details of the background emphasized the "realism" of piquant situations.

It has been more than half a century since the 50's, and the pin-up style still excites the imagination of modern designers. Pin-up became a reflection of American culture of the XX century. Nevertheless, pin-up is fresh, fashionable, beautiful and sexy art even today! Perhaps that is why many people choose to decorate their interior with Art-Prints in the Pin-Up style.

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