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Many individuals perceive dance differently. We use it to express our emotions, stay fit or simply to have a great time. Its history dates back thousands years B.C., which is why its origins are almost impossible to trace. In ancient times it has been a various rituals significant part, celebrations and ceremonies. Even nowadays, tribes living outside the civilization in Africa or along river Amazon banks are using it in many rituals and ceremonies. It helps groups people have unity sense or belonging to something. Some great dancer even stated that they merge with music, completely forgetting themselves, leaving their mind open only to music & their bodies movement in rhythm with melodies.ART Dance - Print-Services

Types of Dance


Among most well-known, elegant and classic types is ballet. Ballet dates back to 15 century, when it was invented, became part of Italian Renaissance courts celebrations, balls. Later on, ballet became concert dance in France & especially Russia. With time ballet was significantly revolutionized, which is why currently it takes many years and training to become professional dancer. Ballet is especially liked by girls. There are four main ballet types: romantic, classical, neoclassical, and contemporary. In 20th century, it obtained modern touch, as choreographers started to add modern movements elements. Nevertheless, classical ballet is still considered most prevalent one.


Disco is distinguished by dancers colorful clothing, fast rhythm and flashing lights. It originated late 1960s–early 1970s on United States East Coast. During that period, many disco-clubs were opened around US. However, in 1980’s disco saw rapid decline and many disco clubs were closed. Disco decline was caused by economic changes, majorly because many regarded it as hedonistic lifestyle on economic crisis backdrop.

Concert dance

Although we associate concert dance with ballet, it is not only concert type. Among other types are: contemporary, acrobatic, belly, classical Indian and Persian, step and even hip hop. Concert is performed for audience that does not participate in it. Predominantly concert dances are performed in theatric settings. Nevertheless, there are quite a few exceptions, for example hip hop performance.

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