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Art is what makes people’s lives worth living. Art is around us, we wear it, we see it every day on the streets, and in our homes. Art comes in many forms, be it visual, architectural or written. Every form of art adds a little piece of beauty in our lives. It is hard to imagine what the world would be like without it. It would probably be beyond boing, grey and overly practical, removing the very core of our existence – our will to live and create. Among the various forms of art, visual art, such as paintings comes to one’s mind more often if the subject comes up in the conversation, which is why below we will enlist painting reproductions’ art prints that will be most suitable for various living spaces.

Types of Painters’ Masterpieces suitable for Particular Living Spaces

Paintings’ Art Prints for Living Room

Living room is the place where all acquaintances, friends, family members or just two people who love each other gather for a drink and chat. Several centuries back, this was the most decorated rom in the houses, as owners were trying to impress their guests with the splendor and refined taste. Nowadays, everyone is only trying to create an ambiance, where everybody would feel comfortable and relaxed enough to let the conversation flow seamlessly, without awkward pauses and desperate glances on the room’s walls in search of the subject for discussion. In fact, simplicity and comfort are the main features of modern design, most frequently used nowadays. A room like this will look stunning with a bright and colorful art print of the famous painter, however the painting itself should be abstract. There exists a myriad of renowned painters, who create abstract masterpieces. For instance, Salvador Dali, Vladimir Cush and many other painters, who works are a remarkable sight.

Paintings’ Art Prints for Bedroom

A place to relax and meditate after a hard day of work and a myriad of worries, bedroom should be a safe haven for the house owners. Therefore, the art used for decoration of such room should also be calming, adding tranquility and promoting good disposition. The works of such painters as Claude Monet and other painters, who created pastel, calming masterpieces, will suit the interior of this room best, allowing you to embark into imaginative journey into the world, depicted in the painting, far away from the worries and troubles of the day that has passed. Meditation and self-reflection helps one to obtain inner peace, prepare for the upcoming events, and get the strength to fight on to reach the set goals.

Painting’s Art Prints for Dining Room

When one imagines the dining room, a picture of the still life with tall glass of red wine and cluster аgrapes with lush leaves comes to one’s mind. The reason for that are the paintings of the famous artists, who created their masterpieces in order to meet the demands of the wealthy audience, who wanted to decorate their dining halls and kitchens with painting of this type. However, there exists completely different type of dining room décor that one might use to decorate their kitchen or dining room. Taking into account modern inclination for a healthy lifestyle, paintings of fruit baskets, vivid colorful fruits, cut in half or even amazingly beautiful flowers can enhance any kitchen tenfold, adding modern touch to it and refreshing it, prompting the owner to make the right choices food wise more often.

Advantages of Other Painters Art Prints

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