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Leonid Afremov is worldwide famous artist

Leonid Afremov is an impressionist painter who has received worldwide recognition. The works of Afremov are executed on canvas with oil, when creating paintings, a palette knife is used, a special knife used for mixing paints. The master is the creator of an individual unique style of writing paintings, so that the creativity of Leonid Afremov can not be confused with anyone. The artist is a native of the Byelorussian SSR, the city of Vitebsk (1955). He traveled extensively, from 1990 to 2002 he lived in Israel, from 2002 to 2010 he was in the USA. From 2010 to the present time he lives and works in Mexico, on his own ranch. More information on the biography of the artist you can find by clicking on the link.

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Life experience, emotions, personal experiences, according to Leonid himself, are an important part of his inspiration. Afremov's paintings are always filled with optimism, passion, and incredible energy. Bright colors excite the mind, and the execution of the storyline makes you think. Our compatriots are very fortunate, since December 2013 the works of Afremov have become even easier to buy.

Leonid Afremov Art-prints

Leonid Afremov Art-prints - a simple and affordable way to bring in the interior of a piece of art. Each painting, which Leonid Afremov created - all the pictures of his authorship - has a very special mood, color. And this truly magical attractiveness is possessed not only by his original works, but also by reproductions made on canvas. Even with close examination, not every art connoisseur recognizes in them a copy, and not the original - so similar is their texture and nuances of the color scale. Possesses Art prints printed on canvas, have a number of other advantages:

  • durability (with due care, they guard aesthetic appeal even for years - for decades);

  • strength (ink in the print copies do not fade, and the canvas itself is practically insensitive to dust, moisture and other negative factors);

  • high speed of the work (making a reproduction will not take more than a couple of days, and sometimes even hours).

Of course, by inheritance you can hardly give such a copy of a copy, but the fact that the Leonid Afremov Art-prints will delight your eyes for a long time, you can even not doubt. You can find and buy Leonid Afremov Art-prints in the online store Print-Services in just a few clicks: in our online gallery this author is represented by a lot of works relating to different periods of creativity, which will become the centerpieces of your living room. Our vast collection also boasts art prints of such prominent painters as Antoine Blanchard, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh.