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Marcel Masson, who is known under his pseudonym Antoine Blanchard was born on November 15, 1910  in a tiny township, located on river Loire bank. Antoine Blanchard was first child of three, born in a furniture carver family. He started to show promise as an artist at a very young age and he was lucky enough that his parents saw this promise in him, sending him to Blois to learn how to draw. Support from parents proved to be quite influential on Blanchard’s further career. Apart from that, he loved to see his father at work, carving furniture of various shapes.   

During his early twenties, he moved to Paris to continue his fine arts study & successfully enrolled in Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1932. During his study years, he participated in various prestigious art competitions, including Prix de Rome. It was time of his talent awakening, he fell in love with Paris’s street life.  

Inspiration Source

Admiration for Paris prompted Antoine Blanchard to choose its streets and buildings as his work main subject. His inspiration was great city & its inhabitants’ daily life; he even used vintage postcards as models for creating his masterpieces. Sometimes, he painted same building or part of street in different angles or seasons.

However, preferred weather was cloudy and rainy. Myriad Parisians gave him inspiration, rushing back and forth along streets, as well as loved to paint streetlights reflection in puddles or shades warm light that was shining on wet streets, creating somewhat romantic, nostalgic atmosphere. Antoine Blanchard died during 1988 at age 78. He left a vast legacy of strikingly beautiful paintings, which can be viewed in many museums worldwide.

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