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Tate Britain

Tate Britain Museum has opened its doors in 1897, back then it had another name - National Gallery of British Art, which it kept until 1932, when it was renamed to Tate Gallery. Museum belongs to the entire network of art museums, which includes St Ives art museum, Modern Gallery and Liverpool. It is located London, on Millbank. Other museums opened aftewards, which is why it is rightfully considered oldest and largest. In fact, it’s among biggest England galleries. It possesses British art masterpieces, dating back Tudor, as well as substantial amount J. M. W. Turner works.

Public Relations

Gallery actively attracts various ages audiences by organizing British Art exhibitions and aspiring contemporary artists presentations. For instance, once per 3 years gallery organizes a Triennial exhibition during which presents art overlook of three past years. Each exhibition is called differently and allows different age people to get acquainted with new styles and trends, plus familiarize themselves with emerging contemporary artists works.

Another peculiar exhibition called Turner Prize exhibition, has rather controversial nature. It presents young contemporary artists works. Museums director himself leads exhibition. Chosen artists names are announced during May, while their work presentation opens October. Winners are declared December. Naturally, every presentation & winners declaration attracts media coverage.

Another way attracting different audiences is lowering admission price every first Friday of the month, as well as live music & acting performances.

Inner Displays

Tate Museum key displays naturally feature historic British permanent collection and contemporary painters masterpieces. There are also substantial displays dedicated single artist. Among such displays are exhibitions of Douglas Gordon, Tracey Emin, Sam Taylor-Wood & many others. Nevertheless, these displays are not permanent, are periodically rotated.

Tate Britain Gems

Among most popular works, presented within impressive British art collection are: The Eve of the Deluge by William Bell Scott, “Sir Arthegal, the Knight of Justice, with Talus, the Iron Man” by John Hamilton Mortimer, “The Battle of Camperdown” by Phillip James De Loutherbourg, many more.

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