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The museum is an institution with a permanent location, which serves the benefit of the development of society, being open to the public. Museums acquire, save, study exhibits, conduct exhibitions and presentations for the purpose of education, entertainment, and spiritual and material saturation of a person. The Association of Museums says this in a slightly different way - museums present their collections to people in order to inspire and delight, as well as teach. These institutions collect, protect and make the objects and samples that they preserve available for society.

The first museum appeared thanks to Ptolemy I Soter as part of the Alexandria Library complex in 280 BC. It is considered the first museum in the first library.

Museums collect and take care of objects of scientific, artistic or historical importance and present them to the public at exhibitions. Exhibitions are permanent or temporary. Large museums are located in large cities around the world, while small local museums operate in smaller cities. Most museums offer a program and entertainment for all types of visitors, including children and adults; they may be of interest to representatives of different professions. Programs for museum guests can be developed in the form of lectures or seminars conducted by experts, films, musical or theater performances, or technological demonstrations. The subject of many museums are a variety of religions. Despite the fact that in almost all museums it is forbidden to touch the exhibits with your hands, interactive artifacts and holograms have appeared recently, which will not be affected or damaged if you decide to bring your hand closer to touch them.

Modern trends in museology have expanded the range of objects that are presented in the form of interactive exhibitions in order to select the optimal set of materials for each visitor. With the development of the worldwide Internet, the number of virtual exhibitions has increased, i.e. Web versions of exhibitions that display pictures and sounds.

Museums are usually open to a diverse audience and sometimes charge an entrance fee. In some museums, admission is free, either on special days or year-round. Museums are usually not set up to benefit from them, unlike galleries whose main purpose is to sell paintings. According to the type of ownership, there are state, non-state and private family museums.

The largest concentration of museums per capita in the world is noted in Finland. The design of museums largely depends on their type and on the goals that the exhibition has. Unlike art exhibitions in a historical museum, exhibits are arranged in chronological or logical sequence. There are museums where almost nothing is exhibited like the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, but the story of these artifacts leaves an impression for a long time.

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