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Abstract Art Prints

Abstract art appeared relatively recently, at the beginning of 20th century, with Wassily Kandinsky, credited as the father of Expressionist Abstract movement. The distinctive feature of abstract art is the absence of definable subject. Abstract art uses mainly colors, shapes, lines, and different forms to create compositions, which are removed from reality and possess no connection to anything material. Some abstract artists explain their creations, or their intentions to express a certain idea or mood through the piece they have created, while others leave the meaning of the work concealed, so that every person, looking at their painting can feel and decide for himself what it means to him, or which idea it tries to relate. In modern interiors, one can frequently see abstract art prints or even paintings, although it must be noted that the price of the original abstract painting can be quite high and unattainable for people with average income.

Types of Abstract Art Prints

Unlike conventional art prints, that depict easily definable subject, and can be assigned a definitive place in a house, for instance, still-life art print obviously belongs in the kitchen or dining room, abstract art can be used everywhere. If skillfully selected, abstract art print will bright up any room, like colorful graffiti brings liveliness to a grey street. Nevertheless, even abstract art can be approximately divided in some types.

Shape-themed Abstract Art Prints

Some people prefer certain shapes, for instance, circles, they find this shape soothing and relaxing. Watching abstract art print depicting a composition of circles of bubbles in the right proportions can provide calming effect. Sometimes one cannot find right words to describe why he prefers certain shapes, but there is a belief that shapes that you like can show the personality features. Thus, if the owner of the apartment wishes to make a statement or to be seen as a person of certain character, he can choose particular shape as a theme of the abstract art print that he installs in his living room.

Color Composition-themed Abstract Art Prints

Sometimes, the color composition of an art print is truly breathtaking. Gradients mildly merging and blending can be captivating to watch. An art print like that can bring a fresh breeze of color and newness to any room, be it bedroom, living room or even children’s room. It is known that children start to perceive the world through shapes and colors, which is why installing a rainbow colored abstract art print in their room, can be beneficial and help them to learn and match colors easier.

Waves-themed Abstract Art Prints

Perhaps the most calming and relaxing theme of all abstract art prints are waves of different directions and colors. For some people, light wave on a monotone background can relate the feeling of freedom, an illusion of flight of thoughts, during which you can forget about your worries and troubles and concentrate on meditation about things that are good in your life, things or people that make you happy. Waves-themed abstract art prints will be a perfect choice for minimalistic-style interior, where it will become a centerpiece of the room, uniting all of its elements.

Advantages of Abstract Art Prints

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