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Graffiti & Urban Art Prints

Graffiti is an amazing art, which is capable of sending simple, but powerful messages, understood by everyone, regardless of their wealth and social status. Graffiti first appeared in 1967 and was done by a student, under alias “Cornbread”. However, the widespread of graffiti art came only in 1980’s when galleries started displaying graffiti artworks. Nowadays, graffiti can be frequently seen in modern interiors, where they serve as centerpieces of the living room, adding color and meaning to minimalistic-styled studios or apartments, or helping the owners of the living space to express themselves.

Types of Graffiti and Urban Street Art

Although many of us think of graffiti as of colorful words, written in public places, graffiti culture is much more than that and actually can be divided in several types, some of which we will describe below.

Words Graffiti

Words graffiti is the most well-known form or type of graffiti, which can be accomplished by amateurs and people, who just want to make a statement. This type of graffiti is illegal in most countries because it is regarded as property damage, be it private or governmental one. Nevertheless, graffiti words can be used to make people awake from their slumber mindset and actually fight for what they want. For instance, in some cases words graffiti were used to organize peaceful protests or call for people’s attention to some important issue. Apart from that, words graffiti can be accomplished in the form of beautiful poetry. For instance, in some more civilized countries one can find beautiful graffiti drawings, sometimes accompanied with short poems, describing the idea of the drawing for those, who are unable to catch on it right away.

Images or Portraits Graffiti

Nowadays, portraits, images or faces graffiti is becoming progressively more popular. This happens due to the fact that portrait graffiti can used both, as a mean of caricature, to laugh at shortcomings of current governmental regimen or new laws, or even particular politicians, who clearly do not deserve to represent people of the country or city. Alternatively, portrait or faces graffiti can be used to create beautiful cityscape drawings, merged with the environmental elements. For instance, a face of a beautiful African-American woman can be drawn under a tree with lush vegetation in a way that the vegetation of the tree looks like her hair. Portrait like that reminds us of Mother Nature itself, as well as of the fact that we are a part of nature and depend on it to the fullest.

Abstractions Graffiti

Abstractions graffiti is currently only gaining popularity as it is harder for understanding for the general masses. Due to the lack of the clear message or meaning, abstractions graffiti are mainly used in decorative purposes. For instance, a nice color gradient can considerably beautify boring grey street pavement or wall of some old house that no one wants to look at. However, abstractions graffiti can relate mood through shapes and colors. For example, to support some kind of group or party, people may use the colors, chosen by the group to represent itself.

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