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Nowadays, more and more people choose to decorate their apartments in modern style. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, modern design is based on simplicity and is cozy-oriented. As opposed to more pompous interior decors, modern one excludes details that do not carry a useful function. For instance, you will not see furniture with heavy golden tassels that collect dust and serve no purpose in modern interior, or intricately carved and gilded wooden details on cupboards, armchairs or tables. In other words, modern design just like modern art is about comfort, usefulness and creation of positive atmosphere for relaxation.

Main Features of Modern Interior Décor

Laconism and Convenience

Modern architects have caught up with the fact that ever-growing population translates into apartments and houses with fewer and more expensive living spaces. Therefore, the design of these living spaces needs to be adapted to the new conditions. Once abstract free-spirited people’s idea of living comfortably in a tent becomes suddenly not so vague. Thus, more concise and convertible furniture has appeared in our apartments. It has no additional decorations or details that are useless and only take up precious space, but it is cozy and nice to look at. The same happened with art, which is used to decorate modern-styled living spaces. It also underwent drastic changes and modern art prints are now oriented on simplicity, comparable to graffiti, also known as street art in its initial form, when a few lines or words were used to send a powerful message.

Pastel Color Palette

As it was previously mentioned, modern design is all about comfort, so the color palette is aimed at being as soothing and neutral as possible. Usually you will see beige, white, light olive or light grey with a few accents, for instance a colorful art print on the wall, or beautiful bright couch that are directed on grabbing the attention without overloading your visual senses. For instance, if your bedroom is accomplished in beige or white, bright blue art print of seascape will add much needed dash of color to bring some liveliness to your interior. Alternatively, if you have a light grey living room, a modern abstract art print of red color will draw the attention and bring harmony to your interior, being the centerpiece of the room.

Soft and Abundant Lightening

One can argue that modern lightening is a form of art by itself. It is a type of brush, which is used to accentuate interior details and show such elements as modern art prints, in the most advantageous light. Soft light helps to relax, soothes nerves after a hard and busy day of work, and does not let negative thoughts creep up on you. The most prevalently used form of modern lightening are strips of LED lights or sets of nightlights, strategically positioned somewhere in the room. Skillfully positioned light can not only make your apartment more welcoming and cozy, but also give it a luxurious outlook, even if the design and furniture are minimalistic and quite modest.

Modern Art Prints Role in Interior Decor

Modern art prints play a vital role in modern interior design as they serve as centerpieces of any living space, attracting attention and serving as means of sending a message, representing oneself through it, or simply distracting one’s mind from dullness of mundane daily life. offers qualitative and affordable modern art print for any taste. Innovative latex-printing technology, used in their manufacturing guarantees that they will not fade will time or lose brightness of colors.