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Water Bubbles

Essence of life, one of the most forces on Earth, multiple political debates’ subject is water and marine life.  It is estimated that a person uses up to 40 gallons water per day. Naturally, in developing countries, where water is scares commodity, people use mostly for drinking. Probably everyone knows its chemical formula H2O, but not all know that this precious liquid divides wealthy and poor people.

Significance of H2O in agriculture

It’s a well-known fact that the majority agricultural properties cannot survive, bring income without rain or artificial means keeping soil moist. Droughts can bring entire crops destruction, which is why many farmers invest in irrigational systems, trying protect their crops from droughts. Unfortunately, that is not an option for developing countries, which fully depend on rain water their crops. Namely these areas droughts happen more frequently than in the other parts worldwide, thus keeping hunger levels among population extremely high. However, currently developing countries are starting lending helping hand, installing irrigation systems and bringing life in previously dry, infertile lands, prompting fauna to flourish.

Importance of H2O for human health

We all frequently hear about how important is to drink lots H2O and stay hydrated, especially during summer period, when our bodies endure additional stress, caused by heat. But have you even wondered why is it so important to stay hydrated? Well, drinking H2O can reduce risk developing serious medical conditions, such as cancer, heart problems, digestive problems and many more. Staying hydrated has beneficial influence on our skin, helping it glow, it also reduces headaches, improves our mood.

How do water bubbles form?

Essentially bubbles any liquid consist gas. Many people love soda, which is H2O-based drink with carbon dioxide. But, if we are talking about bubbles that form during boiling process, then the answer will be different, because those bubbles form due water vapors, which form due high temperatures. Boiling temperature H2O is 100 Celsius.  

Water Bubbles Art Prints

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