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Every kid who was lucky enough to go to ocean or sea beach remembers excitement, joy of finding colorful & intricate seashell. It was true marine treasure, cherished for many years. Some even started their own collections. It is hardly surprising, considering abundance & great shells variety, or unusual shapes, colors one may find on beach. However, majority doesn’t know shells’ types or fauna representatives that once inhabited these beautiful creations. Nevertheless, those, who are curious enough may look up type and rarity of their finds, sometimes discovering how coveted, unique is their find.

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Possibility of Finding Big Seashells

When we comb through beach in perfect shell search, we naturally hope to locate huge one that can become our chimney’s or dining table’s centerpiece. Unfortunately, chance of locating seashell like that is very small.  How lucky you would feel if you manage to uncover big colorful seashell, even if you are an adult. However, big seashells are usually hiding underwater, if you are lucky – maybe you’ll uncover one, but most likely it is inhabited, so you’ll have to take photo & put shell with creature back where they belong.

Shells’ Types

As it was already mentioned, there exists great shells variety, however all shells were built by creatures that once lived in them and their color is usually depends on creatures’ ration. Some shells look almost porcelain, for instance cowry. They are very rare, especially considerable size & highly desired by all collectors. Many people exchange them and treasure them more than other types. There was period in history, when seashells have been used as currency.


Bivalves, especially big ones are also huge prize for anyone who finds them. These usually have rather rough surface and consist of two symmetrical parts, although chance of finding both halves at once are quite slim. Nevertheless, they can quite frequently seen in large collections, sometimes with artificial pearls inside.

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