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When we think about icebergs, we imagine majestic white mountains, towering above vastness of marine lanscapes. However, their shape and size fully depends on process of deterioration that they undergo. No two ice chunks can be alike. They are actually quite big, as no iceberg can be considered one if its size is below 5 meters. Icebergs are chunks of ice, which broke off great glaciers. They drifts with currents and their top, visible above the water is usually much smaller than the bottom, submerged in ocean.


Beautiful striped icebergs is interesting phenomena, their colors may vary from deep blue, green to yellow, grey, brown. However, each color is formed in different way. Transparent blue ones form when water freezes extremely quickly, so no oxygen bubbles can form. Green stripes are caused by algae rich water, while grey and brown color stripes form due sediments that iceberg managed accumulate while sliding down.


Carved icebergs have unusual, peculiar shapes. They are formed by intense arctic winds that chisel them with bursts of cold and dry snow. They are usually the ones we see on multiple photographs а Antarctica and glaciers. Some of them can truly amaze with their magnificence, grandeur.

Their Shapes

Surprisingly, there exist multiple shapes of calved ice: tabular, wedge, drydock, blocky, pinnacled.

Significance of Monitoring

It’s well-known fact that we are moving towards global warming at fast pace, which is why it is crucial study glaciers, their calving and drifting to understand better patterns and changes, happening every year, because it affects fauna drastically. Monitoring over several years period can help determine speed, significance of calving, as well as demonstrate how much time is left to correct situation, by reducing CO2 amounts, emitted by factories worldwide.

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