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From ancient times our ancestor expressed themselves by drawing various scenes from hunting as well as sceneries that surrounded them. With time, painting precision style considerably improved, allowing modern artists create lifelike images depicting animals, scenery, nature and marine beauty, and all other popular subjects. Nevertheless, most valued drawings are still those, painted by famous artists, such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Blanchard. We value not only their objective beauty, but also style and epoch, which their represent.

First drawings in history

First cave paintings and drawings have appeared over 35 000 years ago in Pettakere cave, although it was previously thought that earliest artworks were found in Europe. Most widespread themes these paintings depict are wild fauna, bulls, hand tracings. Some regions had paintings of people, but many didn’t. Scientists have assumed that human depiction was forbidden due religious concerns.

Oil drawings

Oil painting technique is definitely not for beginners, as it takes time to master it. Nevertheless, oil paintings are truly wonderful and have pleasant smell. Surprisingly, this technique became popular only in 15th century, despite fact that it was previously used in China and India. Advantage of this type lies within fact that it is suitable for great variety of styles.


Unlike many think, watercolor technique is not much simpler than oil. It takes great consideration while mixing colors, because even subtle change can completely mess up shade. It is most commonly used on paper. Currently, many artists try their hand at creation works with photographic precision, using watercolor. Especially mesmerizing are te depictions of water bubbles, waves and other marine-themed subjects.

Sand painting

Sand is quite unusual material for paintings and works, created with its help are usually temporary. The best way to showcase skills in sand painting is video creation. Very process of sand art creation is what makes it so captivating for audiences. Origin of sand drawings is India, where multicolored sand is used.

Drawings Art Prints

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