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Lilies Art Prints

Nature is full of wonders, and flowers are one of them. Their amazing diversity and color palette captivated the eyes of painters and simple people for thousands of years. Even nowadays, flowers are considered an appropriate and welcome gift for various celebrations. Women adore flowers, such as roses, orchids, tulips and even sets of flowers. They perceive them as a sign of admiration and regard. Therefore, numerous artists have chosen flowers as the subjects of their painting for many centuries. Lilies, and namely water lilies, are a specific type of flower that one will not normally gift to someone. Their magical beauty is displayed the best when they are in their natural place in the pond or small lake. Art prints, depicting water lilies are gorgeous and suitable for wide row of living spaces. Below is the short description of interior styles, which are suitable for lilies art prints.

Types of Interiors Suitable for Lilies Art Prints

Modern Style Interior

Modern style interior is all about simplicity and coziness, which is why comfortable furniture and pastel palette of colors are most prevalently used in interiors of this style. Water lilies art prints, which have vivid, but delicate color palette will easily become the centerpiece of a modern style bedroom or living room. One can even install lilies painting’s reproduction art prints. For instance, there exist a gorgeous painting, called “Water Lilies” created by renown painter Claude Monet, who painted a series of approximately 250 works, dedicated to water lilies.

Minimalistic Style Interior

Minimalistic style of interior calls for very modest amount of furniture and decorations in the room in general and very light color palette of the room. Therefore, in case you want to add a dash of color and have a gorgeous centerpiece for your minimalistic interior – water lilies art print will be the most suitable for this purpose. The uniqueness of this flower matches the peculiar nature of minimalistic interior, complementing each other in a way that creates harmony and soothing ambiance one feels great just being in. Apart from that, water lilies art print will allow you to feel just a little bit closer to nature in a living space, which has very little reminders of the wonders of outdoors.

Classic Style Interior

Classic interior is usually preferred by people with conservative mindset, who like leather furniture, wooden tables of dark shades, and heavy sturdy furniture. Therefore, when it comes to art, they prefer it framed with beautiful and somewhat thick frames that match the rest of the interior. Heavy frames of dark shades are suitable for large-scale painting and art prints that have a vivid and rather bright color palette. Water lilies art prints are uniquely suitable for framing, as their green, pink and beige color palette looks stunningly beautiful with wooden frames of dark shades. A framed water lilies art print can become an amazing centerpiece of your room, especially if installed above the fireplace. It will bring peace and harmony too your home.

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