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Currently, art is everywhere; you can see it in various forms all over the big cities and even countryside. Graffiti, sculptures and monuments, posters, paintings, wall murals, art prints – all of these are the integral part of city life. When you go to café, restaurant, office or someone’s house, you will definitely see some sort of visual art. People love art, because without it our life would be boring and completely mundane. If we talk about the interior décor of the houses and apartments, the most widespread form of wall art are art prints. Although the diversity of them is understandably immense, there exist types that are most preferable to people, namely those types become bestsellers and below are short descriptions of some of them.

Types of Bestsellers

Wild Life Art Prints

Wild life and nature in general captivates imagination and amazes with beauty and diversity. People love to have images of wild animals as decorations in their bedrooms, living rooms and even dining rooms. Some like to have wild life art prints in their living spaces, because they associate themselves with particular animal. For instance, some men will associate themselves with lions, wolves or bears, because they admire their strength, ability to be dominant and decisive. They wish to possess these qualities themselves or think that they already do, which makes them similar to these animals in their minds. Women will most likely choose images of gorgeous birds or wild animals’ cubs because their appreciation of beauty differs from that of men and they have innate love for children, be it their own or other species’.

Painting Reproductions Art Prints

Connoisseurs of art are a different type of people, who love elegance, have class, but not always have means to afford actual masterpieces of eminent painters. Therefore, the next best thing is a painting reproduction’s art print, which gives a possibility to decorate your house with beautiful art, without wasting a fortune on it. Some choose to order painting reproduction art prints simply because the painting they want is not on the market at all and never will be, because it is in a national museum and is considered to be national heritage. For instance, painting “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci will unlikely ever be offered for sale, because it is exhibited in Louvre – the largest art museum in the world. Those, who love classic interior design, also adore painting reproduction art prints. They feel like this type of decorations make their interior more elegant, if not fancy and if the reproduction is skillfully chosen, it can definitely make an interior much classier than it would seem without it.

Black and White Retro Art Prints

There is also a category of people, who are fond of the culture and atmosphere of the first half of 20thcentury. These people collect retro automobiles if they have the means for it, create man caves that resemble those gorgeous leather clad men dining rooms, which were so popular in that long-gone era, and decorate their interiors with black and white retro art prints. These art prints most frequently depict various objects and scenes from the past, starting with world-known celebrities, such as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe to the art prints of retro automobiles, cabarets and other scenes characteristic of or popular during that time.

Advantages of Art Prints

Art prints are a perfect way to decorate your house with nobility and style without spending too much money on it. offers wide selection of qualitative and affordable art prints for every taste and of every style. Check out our bestsellers – maybe you will fall in love with one of them or find exactly what you are looking for to decorate your home beautifully. Latex printing technology that we use allows us to manufacture water and scratch resistant art prints that do not fade with time and remain as beautiful and bright as during the first day that you have installed them.