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By definition, spacecraft is machine technology piece, designed to fly in space. Due to the emergance and development of astronomy spacecrafts are now capable of carrying humans & cargo. Manned rockets are piloted by humans, while those rockets that have no humans on board are frequently used for scientific purposes, for instance planetary exploration, observation of Earth, meteorology & other purposes wide row. The first ever rocket, space shuttle was created in 1976 & called “Enterprise”. Although shuttle managed to almost reach outer layer of our atmosphere, shuttle never went to orbit and into space. The second rocket that managed to reach universe, was called “Columbia”. It launched in 1981 and successfully reached universe.

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The Most Famous Spacecrafts

International Space Station

International Space Station (ISS) is probably best known, largest artificial satellite that is currently orbiting the Earth. Can sometimes be seen even by naked eye. International Space Station has been orbiting our planet for nearly 18 years. It consists multiple sections or components, first one was launched in 1998. International Space Station orbits Earth at distance between 330 - 435 kilometers.


The Soyuz spacecraft is actually Soviet and then Russian rockets series, first appeared as early as 1960’s. Up to this day Soyuz rockets remain most reliable launch vehicles. They are launched on Soyuz rockets. Soyuz rockets were designed by Korolyov Design Bureau. First flight accomplished by Soyuz has been unmanned. It took place November 28, 1966. In 1967 was launchedSoyuz-1 manned flight that ended in tragedy because parachute failed to open at reentry. Finally, Soyuz-3, manned flight proved to be success. It was launched on October 26, 1968.


Apollo rocket was designed specifically for Moon exploration. It accomplished 15 flights, including several moon landings. It was designed for crew of three men, had living quarters for astronauts, as well as special astronaut couches. It consisted of two modules: Command Service Module & Lunar Module.

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