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Space Observation Equipment

For almost as long as human civilization exist, people tried to uncover mysteries that space holds. For that purpose, many space observation tools were invented during history course. Among first ones were comet-seekers – optical instruments, which allowed seeing remove celestial objects by picking up visible light. First known glasses were invented in Netherlands and their lenses were made of glass. Nowadays, there exists a wide comet-seekers’ types range, like optical and radio telescopes, X-ray, Gamma-ray glasses, High-energy particle telescopes & even they are differentiated by different mount kinds. Radio glasses appeared much later, were invented by Karl Guthe Jansky in 1932.

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The first comet-seekers ever created have been refractive glasses. Three scientists were credited with their invention: Zacharias Janssen, Jacob Metius & Hans Lippershey. Despite fact that Galileo is first scientists that comes into one’s mind, when thinking about comet-seekers’ history, he actually only improved their design after hearing about their invention in 1608. He was also one to point them into sky to study celestial objects. Newtonian telescope was first even reflecting comet-seeker, created by Isaac Newton in 1668. In20th century due to substantial technologies progress there appeared a great variety of new comet-seeker types.

Radio as an Astronomy Tool

The basis for radio astronomy and comet-seeker creation appeared in 1930’s due to wireless frequencies discovery that celestial objects, such as planets and stars, including our own Earth, were emitting. Discovery was made by Karl Guthe Jansky, when he noticed these frequencies coming from Milky Way. Further observations showed these frequencies are emitted by a wide celestial objects row, like galaxies, pulsars, stars & so on. This astronomy type helped finding evidence of Bing Bang theory by discovering cosmic microwave background radiation. Main tools, used in radio astronomy are large radio telescopes pointed skywards at different angles.


The first celestial object photo was taken in 1840; it was a Moon picture. However detailed astrophotography became possible only in19th century. Apart from space objects that are visible for human eye, astrophotography now has capacity of capturing images invisible to naked eye, such as galaxies, nebulae, stars and so on. However, it’s fair to point out that astrophotography is more closely related amateur astronomy, as majority photographs are taken for their aesthetic value, rather than scientific.

Space Observation Equipment Art Prints

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