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English philosopher named William Whewell coined the term “scientist” in 1833. Nevertheless, so-called “men of science” or “natural philosophers” existed almost from very dawn of our existence. Each civilization has made an invaluable input in the discoveries in our world around us understanding, ourselves and even space, which lies beyond our immediate reach. There were people, who were standing at the dawn of the existance of science, currently known as astronomy. Perhaps many know the names of Galileo Galilei, who is famous for his solar system studies, Leonardo Da Vinci, who helped us to understand better human anatomy and who created machines sketches that were far ahead of his own time, Louis Pasteur, to whom we owe pleasure having safe & secure way to preserve food and many others.

The Most Famous Scientists

Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan was a 15th century Portuguese decent explorer, who organized the first ever Earth circumnavigation. It was called Magellan-Elcano circumnavigation. During his expedition, he made numerous discoveries, in cultures terms, marine pathways, also flora & fauna. For instance, Magellanic penguin was named after him, because he was the first even European, who saw this bird.

Nicolaus Copernicus

Nicolaus Copernicus lived during the same time period with Ferdinand Magellan. He was a Prussian mathematician & astronomer who created our universe model, placed sun in our solar system center, instead of Earth, as it was previously thought. Just like in numerous cases when scientists tried to uncover world mysteries, discover planets and stars that surround us and shed some light on them, he was greatly opposed by church, whose secants deemed outrageous his controversial statement. Nevertheless, his invaluable contribution to science has helped us to come one closer to discovering universe structure, as well as galaxies and nebulae that surround us.

Albert Einstein

Among many scientists known to wide masses, theoretical physicist Albert Einstein is, probably best-known one. His funny portraits where he sticks out his tongue are frequently used as memes. Nevertheless, this theoretical physicist, born in Germany, has made an impressive contribution to our knowledge in physics. He created the general theory of relativity that is among modern physics cornerstones. He was known for his inclination to dream big and consider even theories that others deemed to be too far-fetched.

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