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Our planet is beautiful and enigmatic. It seems it was around forever; however, astronomy helped us to discover in comparison to other celestial bodies, such as galaxies and nebulae our planet is rather young. There exists a theories wide row about Earth origin. How it came into being, what advanced civilizations lived or not lived on it & so on. According to latest scientists’ estimation, our planet is 4.54 billion years old. At its early age, Earth was uninhabited, it had almost no oxygen so humans or other animals would not have survived on it. It is considered Moon was created during collision of our planet with another planet-sized celestial body.

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Most Popular Theories about Life’s Origin on Earth


Among most popular theories of life’s origin is evolution. This philosophy supporters are certain life has appeared over 3.5 billion years ago & gradually evolved. Primitive organisms have managed to transform into complex ones by developing adaptive traits. Many scientists consider evolution never stops as organisms adapt to ever-changing environment.


As opposed to scientific research, relevantly hard evidence evolution concept, many people still prefer to believe that our home is a creation of a God. That it was created in 7 days & that God created first man and woman. There exist many religious literature, supporting this concept, such as Bible. Surprisingly, even different religions agree on this fact. Christians, Jews, Muslims are all certain that this theory is right one.

Materialistic Theory

As opposed to Evolution theory, supporters Materialistic philosophy consider life started 3.8 billion years ago & evolution itself was chemical, having nothing to do with adaptive traits. Generally, they are in favor molecular evolution theory, meaning organisms have evolved on a DNA and RNA levels. Molecular biology is currently studying this philosophy closely.


Another popular theory that is based on conception life exists throughout Universe, and is transported across galaxies and stars via spores, which reside on comets, asteroid & such. bacteria become trapped in a residue of celestial bodies’ collisions, remain dormant until they reach fertile, habitable environments.

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