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Product Name: Argentina Icebergs Ocean

Product type: Posters Prints

Posters are artistically styled broadsheets, used for decorative or advertising purposes (most
frequently depicting actor, musician or sportsmen).
Posters printed on canvas or photo paper are manufactured using cutting-edge latex printing

Photo Paper poster(250 gsm):

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Canvas poster(300gsm):

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Latex printing inks cannot be washed out during cleaning with wet cloth, they are ecologically clean,
hypoallergenic, do not fade under sunlight and retain vivid colors and shades for many years.
Apart from that, these inks are scratch resistant, and contain no harmful ingredients or odor.
All materials, used in printing process, such as inks, canvas, photo paper, and other, are
manufactured in Europe, correspond to all international standards and are of the premium quality.
Posters are rolled and placed in a robust cylindrical tube to prevent any damage during shipping.
Maximum and minimum size of the poster depends on the image you chose and can be selected in
a Size drop-down menu.
Canvas has density of 300gs/m, while photo paper - 250 gs/m.
Posters can be cleaned with a moist cloth, although it is highly recommended not to soak them.
 Manufacturing period: 1-3 days

Shipped price:  Free Worldwide Shipping.

Refresh your living room with wonderfully beautiful Winter-themed “Argentina Icebergs Ocean” Posters Prints, from our extensive Landscapes category. A gorgeous Winter art print can drastically change the overall outlook of your interior, making it much more welcoming, soothing and pleasant both for you and for your guests. offers an abundance of qualitative Posters Prints Landscapes Art & Photo Prints at affordable prices. When you purchasean art print here, you can be sure that you are getting qualitative product that will not fade in time and is easy to take care of – just dust it off with dry cloth from time to time and it will look brand new. Our art Posters Prints are manufactured with eco-friendly inks that do not cause allergies and look strikingly beautiful and vivid even with a flow of time.

How to Hang a Poster

Short Guide on Hanging Posters without Damaging the Wall

When you need to hang a poster, you are faced with the question about having pins or nails in your inventory. Alternatively, if you do not want to damage the surface of the wall – where to get tape and how to remove it without it leaving traces on the wallpaper, when the poster becomes obsolete or unwanted. In case you are lucky enough to live with a teenager, you will have to do it multiple times. The following simple method will allow you to attach the poster reliably to the wall and remove it with ease and without any damage to the wallpaper, when your teenager changes his preferences in music or idols.

Ineffective Methods of Poster Installation

Installation with Nails and Pins

Nails and Pins considerably damage the wall. Apart from that, they cannot be used if you are hanging a poster on a concrete wall.

Installation with Tape

Installation with tape will leave noticeable marks on your paper, if you decide to remove it.

Installation with Bubble Gum

In some cases, people try to use bubble gum for poster installation, but it will not hold anything longer than a couple of hours, at best.

Best Method of PosterInstallation

Among the many variants of poster installation, toothpaste usage is the best one.

The obvious advantage of this method is that you will not have to buy anything. You just need to spread the toothpaste on the backside corners of the poster and press it to the wall – it will stay reliably on the wall for a long time.

This method will be irreplaceable if your child likes to decorate his room with posters, snippets from magazines, and other paper cutouts; or if you do it yourself, for instance for the “Visualization Board”.

When it comes to artistic photos or reproductions, this method is inapplicable, because they are usually framed. However, in case you want to hang posters or other paper cutouts, toothpaste method – is the perfect one.

Note that toothpaste must be without any additives, just the simplest one you can find. It will hold nicely and will not damage your wallpapers or other wall surfaces.

Installation with Shampoo

Another excellent method of poster installation is usage of shampoo as a glue.

The shampoo is applied the same way as the toothpaste - on the backside corners of the posters, and then pressed to the wall. Note that shampoo must also be the simplest one, without moisturizing effect, because in this case it will not be sticky enough to keep the poster on the wall.

Both toothpaste and shampoo will hold the poster on the wall for two or more years (if necessary), and you will not have to look for nails or pins in order to hang something new on the wall.

Free Worldwide Shipping. These types or art prints are rolled
and placed in a robust cylindrical tube to prevent any damage during shipping.

Free worldwide shipping

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Cutting-edge Latex printing technology ensures the highest quality, water- and scratch-resistance of the prints, as well as their vividness and brightness. European-quality eco-friendly printing materials prevent our prints from fading with time even under direct sunlight.