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Among the multitude of types of art prints that are popular nowadays, view art prints take a special place. The vastness of seascape or cityscape view allows one to admire the progress that humanity has managed to achieve in a rather short period of time. Skyscrapers, bay marinas, towers, entire regions of stunningly beautiful modern concrete and metal jungle, humbles one and allows to meditate on one’s life’s goals and priorities. Sometimes, our problems can actually be petty and insignificant in the wide picture. Therefore, a gorgeous art print of enigmatic and mesmerizing cityscape at night can create an atmosphere of admiration and relaxation in your living room, where you gather with your family or friends to socialize. Below is a short guide on the most popular types of architectural views.

Types of View Art Prints

Seascape View Art Prints

It is a well-known fact that sea and ocean have a soothing effect on every person. Leisurely movements of waves, sun shimmering and reflecting of the water surface and the sound of waves crashing into the shore – these are the memories one has of relaxing on the beach during vacation or even short trip to the sea. A view of seascape can awaken these memories and allow you to take an imaginary trip to your favorite place on the seaside, where you feel the safest and most relaxed in the world. Apart from that, seascapes art prints add color to monotone interiors and can easily become a centerpiece of your living room or bedroom, admired by everyone who sees it.

Cityscape View Art Prints

Unlike seascapes, cityscape art prints have a completely different purpose and dynamic. They fill us with energy and desire to go out, experience more things and reach the goals we have set for ourselves. This type of art prints can be most commonly seen in restaurants, offices and man caves. These art prints give inspiration and call for action. Instead of sitting on your couch and relaxing, gorgeous cityscapes push us to get out of our shell, take a walk on main streets of our city at night, admiring the beauty of nightlights, absence of people and fresh air. Cityscape art prints can also give you the feeling of unity with your fellow citizens, awaken pride for the community you belong to, and just be a gorgeous decoration of your living space that looks modern and dynamic.

Bird's-eye View Art Prints

Bird’s-eye view art prints are the cityscapes’ pictures taken from high above. This type of art prints is uniquely suitable for small living spaces as they have the capacity to visually expand the room to the considerable extent. These are gorgeous views of the world’s biggest cities and towns, taken from above. For instance, a view of Paris, taken from the very top of the Eiffel Tower. Bird’s-eye view art prints are usually light and bright, because they are taken during the day, so that every detail of the building below can be clearly distinguished. These art prints will look magnificent in your living room, bedroom or even home office if you have one.

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