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Majestic and glorious, towers have always been staples & main attractions in cities and even countries. Perhaps every person knowns London Tower or leaning tower of Pisa. These glorious monuments serve as testimony to man’s ability to conquer and master art of creation unimaginable beauty. Whether they were built in Middle Ages or during modern times, towers represent fortitude of the people, their devotion to conquering new highs and setting their imagination free.

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Most famous towers worldwide

Big Ben

When thinking about England/Great Britain, first thing that comes into our mind is certainly Big Ben, how can it not, if image of this legendary construction is practically on cover of all learning books, manuals, travel guides and so on. Red double-deckers & Big Ben are most recognizable and loved symbols of Britain. Big Ben is clock construction of impressive heights that was built in 1859 & is thoroughly maintained till this day.


What can be more romantic that a night out in the streets of Paris with picnic near Eiffel? Since the moment it was erected, Eiffel has been a love, admiration, affection and romanticism symbol. It appeared 1889 & instantly became most popular France landmark. Just like with Big Ben it is featured on covers of French language manuals, brochures & travel guides. People from around world come to Paris to catch a glimpse of this glorious creation.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Thousands photographs, where people support this falling construction circulate Internet every day, with new ones appearing every hour. Interesting fact is that this construction’s tilt was not planned and happened due to the architect’s miscalculations. It is cathedral’s part, revered for its unusual form & experiments that Galileo Galilei conducted there. Every year millions visitor flock to this place, hoping to snap that picture and post it in social media outlet.

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