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Every city in entire world can boast at least several legendary thoroughfares, whether they were placed а battle, location, where famous people lived, events that left their mark in country and world’s history or simply stunningly beautiful streets and architectural wonders, boasting exceptional boulevard art. If you think about it, there is a street like that in your home city as well. However, some boulevards are less known that others and that’s no one fault. There are extraordinary beautiful narrow streets in Italy, decorated with mesmerizing vegetation, and also exits unusually wide boulevards, lined with skyscrapers in the US that make everyone feel small and insignificant in comparison to the grandeur and sheer size of these giant constructions.Streets Illustrations and Photo for Home Decor and Bedroom

Most Famous Streets Worldwide

Broadway (Manhattan)

Probably everyone heard of oldest boulevard in New York. Broadway is place, where we imagine all magic in New York happens. Neon billboards, amazing skyscrapers & innumerable amount of tourists, citizens swarming along it every day. It’s among longest paths in New York, definitely most popular one. Covers of many travel guides feature scenes from it on their covers, when sending tourists in the US.

Champs-Élysées (Paris)

Symbol of Paris & most featured in journals, manuals, travel guides’ boulevard in Paris, Champs-Élysées is truly a remarkable sight. It’s largest boulevard in Paris, lined with gorgeous vegetation and decorated with architectural monuments. Although the true beauty of it can certainly be discovered at night, when streetlights flood it with soft but bright illumination. Walks along it are nothing short of romantic.

Hollywood Boulevard (Los Angeles)

Those individuals, who are fond of Hollywood movies, will instantly recognize this marvelous walk. Bedazzled with over 2000 of stars, embedded in it, Hollywood Boulevard is definitely a sight to behold. Every prominent & influential actor or actress that ever starred in movies has a star with her/his name on it.  Tourists flock to this street to take photos and boast it on social media outlets.

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