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Home is place, where one can truly relax, feel safe, forget about all troubles & worries, enjoy warmth of communication with family, kids. Therefore, dwelling atmosphere, namely interior must fully satisfy person’s idea of relaxing environment.  In most cases, due to lack of funds, difference in opinion, other factors, we cannot create exactly atmosphere we want, it’s extremely sad, especially considering influence & effect proper home’s interior can have. Nevertheless, there are cases, when people living together find consensus & create together an atmosphere full of joy for both of them, sharing their love for certain colors and shapes.  

Meaning of Interior Colors


Vast interiors’ majority use beige as basic color, only adding dark brown, red & other colors as bright spots to stress nobility of beige. It is true that this color is extremely calming, soothing & can feel very cozy. However, beige is not very suitable for people, suffering from excessive weight, as it can boost appetite, forcing one to make multiple trips to kitchen. Apart from that, atmosphere, created solely from beige is rather impersonal, resembling hotel suit, as it doesn’t reflect owner’s personality.


Color of life itself that always provides feeling of freshness, green is used quite frequently, but majorly in combination with such shades as yellow, orange, white. Green color is true sign of cheerful person, who does not appreciate any conflicts & is ready to meet somebody halfway, rather than get into an argument. Green shade is also used in nurseries, as it provides calming effect, so much needed for small children. One can frequently observe this shade in hospitals, where it provides the same soothing effect.


Happiest shade of them all, unfortunately used quite rarely, orange symbolizes hope, joy, start of new life, great aspirations & dreams, desire to distinguish oneself from crowd. It’s the shade of bold individuals with unique personality. However, interiors made solely of orange can become quite irritating with time, so one must use this color quite carefully, combining it with other shades, such as brown, green, beige and so on.

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