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These are vertical architectural elements, accomplished of concrete, marble, stone whose purpose is to support arches, roofs or other elaborate structures. Majority of people inadvertently connect columns with Greece, which should come as no surprise, considering that namely Greek buildings & constructions can boast greatest amount of columns. In Europe, these elements of architecture can be observed mostly on vast public buildings, such as mausoleums, cathedrals, rarely as freestanding monuments.  Art Columns Architecture | Nice art at


Ancient temple of Parthenon can very well be exact structure we thinks about, when we hear about columns. Built in 432 BC, it was dedicated to Athena, goddess of wisdom. Structure is located in Greek town of Acropolis and was partially destroyed by multiple earthquakes. Currently, Parthenon is a World Heritage Site, visited by millions of tourists each year, admired for exquisite design and grandeur. During times of Ottoman conquest, Parthenon was turned into mosque, but initially it was used as treasury.

United States Capitol

One of iconic buildings of the United States, Capitol features gorgeous columns. Construction of Capitol was finished by 1800 and it boasts 5 floors. Currently, it’s place, where US Congress resides. Initially, Capitol’s design was rather modest, but huge dome was added later to add majestic impression & grandeur to building. Interesting fact is that in its early years, this structure was used for religious purposes.

Brandenburg Gate

When thinking about Germany, many imagine Brandenburg Gate. It’s no wonder, since this monument is considered most recognizable icons of Germany. Construction of Brandenburg Gate was completed in 1791. It was commissioned as a symbol of peace. During World War II, monument was severely damaged, when Berlin was attacked. Nevertheless, after war ended it was restored to its former glory. Currently it’s a legendary construction, admired by millions of tourists, visiting Germany’s capital.

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