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Cathedrals and Temples

Sacred places of prayer, revered by and present in every culture, churches, cathedrals and temples are tokens of spiritual communication with higher beings, always perceived as protectors, feared and respected worldwide. Although almost every culture has its own set of beliefs, one thing unites them all & can be observed in all of them – creation of places, where every person can come, share his or her troubles and ask for guidance. Many of these creations became architectural wonders, just like castles, bridges, and other architectural monuments, known worldwide. For example, Taj Mahal or Notre-Dame De Paris. However, these giant places of prayer are mostly located within limits of big cities, while small settlements, such as villages & towns have their own small cozy churches or temples.Cathedrals and Temples Art for Home | Decor for Bedroom

Most Famous Cathedrals and Temples

Notre-Dame De Paris

Construction of this impressive cathedral was finished in 1345. The process of its construction took two centuries, which is no wonder since by standards of that time it was a true miracle. Cathedral is perfect example of Gothic style with its sharp pikes and intricate decorative elements. It has two towers and reaches 128 meters in height. During French Revolution it was considerably damaged, however later extensive reparations were performed to return Notre-Dame De Paris to its former glory.

Taj Mahal

This glorious spiritual construction is located in India & was commissioned by Shah Jahan as a place of prayer & mausoleum for his deceased wife. It was finished much later than Notre-Dame, namely in 1653 and it doesn’t reach the same impressive height. Nevertheless, the intricate work, neighboring landscape, unique ambiance, make Taj Mahal true tourist magnet, attracting around 8 million people every year.

St. Peter's Basilica

Glorious Italian church, situated in heart of most spiritual city on Earth, Vatican. It opened its doors in 1626 & since then became a place, where people all over the world come to receive spiritual guidance, feel themselves closer to god. It’s also very place, where Pope holds its residence performing liturgies throughout year on special occasions.

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